Independent Play


Independent Play 12: e4444e with ‘Wolves’

The twelfth and final instalment of our Independent Play series features bedroom pop aficionado e4444e and his bandmates. With thanks to Young Henrys.


Independent Play 11: Nardean with ‘Weightless’

Independent Play ep. 11 coming in HOT! A beautiful RnB/soul/spoken word moment courtesy of the amazing Nardean. Made poss by Young Henrys.

Mariam Sawires

Independent Play 10: Mariam Sawires with ‘Choose’

Sydney RnB babe Mariam Sawires makes being amazing AF look effortless AF for Independent Play 10. Thanks to Young Henrys.

Independent Play 09: 100 with ‘Weightless’

100/100 for 100’s performance on the Independent Play stage. Presented by Young Henrys.

Independent Play 08: Jessica Jade with ‘I Wanna Be Down/I’m Good’

Jessica Jade hits the stage for Independent Play 08. She’s good. Really good. Presented by Young Henrys.


Independent Play 07: Yibby with ‘Folk’

20-year-old hip hop hotshot Yibby has confidence, energy and enthusiasm in spades. Watch him do his thing performing ‘Folk’ live on the Independent Play stage. Thanks to Young Henrys.

Shady Nasty

Independent Play 06: Shady Nasty with ‘Get Buff’

Slow-moving menace and raw power on the Independent Play stage this month as Shady Nasty rip ‘Get Buff’ live. Thanks to Young Henrys.

Stevan Independent Play

Independent Play 05: Stevan with ‘Timee’

This month we welcome Stevan, soul prodigy from the South, to play a raw acoustic version of his breakout single ‘Timee’.

Independent Play 04: Goodside with ‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’

Independent Play 04 is here and it’s GOOOOOD. Sydney dream-poppers Goodside play their debut live before confessing to various crimes. Spicy!

Independent Play 03: Bachelor Pad with ‘I’m An Individual / Ultimate Survivor’

Sydney babes Bachelor Pad bang out a couple of their signature one-and-a-half minute heaters! Presented by Young Henrys