Independent Play

Shady Nasty

Independent Play 06: Shady Nasty with ‘Get Buff’

Slow-moving menace and raw power on the Independent Play stage this month as Shady Nasty rip ‘Get Buff’ live. Thanks to Young Henrys.

Stevan Independent Play

Independent Play 05: Stevan with ‘Timee’

This month we welcome Stevan, soul prodigy from the South, to play a raw acoustic version of his breakout single ‘Timee’.

Independent Play 04: Goodside with ‘I’ve Been Feeling Something Lately’

Independent Play 04 is here and it’s GOOOOOD. Sydney dream-poppers Goodside play their debut live before confessing to various crimes. Spicy!

Independent Play 03: Bachelor Pad with ‘I’m An Individual / Ultimate Survivor’

Sydney babes Bachelor Pad bang out a couple of their signature one-and-a-half minute heaters! Presented by Young Henrys

Independent Play 02: imbi the girl with ‘i used to’

This month Sydney’s own soul poet par excellence imbi the girl graces the Independent Play stage, thanks to Young Henrys.

Independent Play 01: Tasman Keith with ‘Move Up’

Introducing Independent Play – a video series presented by Young Henrys featuring a live performance + interview with one Independent Artist of the Week, every month.