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Photo by Béla Hajdu

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Party Dozen makes a lot of noise for two people, skimming sounds across the genres of industrial jazz, hardcore and more – they’re simply not one thing.

Playing and occasionally improvising primarily on drums and saxophone, the duo – Jonathan Boulet and Kirsty Tickle – are staunch on stage, confident in their practice and mind-boggling to watch. 

Since being Independent Artist of the Week in 2017, Party Dozen have named themselves a force to be reckoned with and were nominated for Album of the Year at FBi Radio’s SMAC Awards 2022. 

Party Dozen’s energy took over The Red Rattler at their FBi Turns 20 performance with their utterly unhinged yet technically mesmerising avante-garde soundscapes. Full of industrial drone passages, jazzy rhythms and skronky saxophones.Their performance was a playfully savage sonic onslaught that threw the genre rule-book out the window. 

Catch Party Dozen’s performance via The Live Feed, streaming exclusively all month long on FBi Radio plus their exclusive live performance streaming now on YouTube.

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Harvey O’Sullivan

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