FBi Radio Dance Class

Dance Class 2020
FBi Radio Dance Class is back, with a new home at Kings Cross Hotel. It’s with great excitement that we present to you the FBi Radio Dance Class of 2020! 

ICYMI, Dance Class is our comprehensive DJ training and mentoring initiative to support the next generation of women, non-binary and trans talent in dance music. 

We’re passionate about seeing more diversity in the music industry, so we developed this program in 2015 to discover, train and mentor a new crop of talent. Past Dance Class alumni include Ebony Boadu, Lauren Hansom and Mirã Bõru. Last year, the Class of 2019 – akka, Cilla, DAME, Giulia, Hei Zhi Ma 黑芝麻 and Index – learnt the art of mixing, the ins and outs of the industry, and how to host their own club nights, fully equipping them to dive head first into their local music community.

Our 2020 program will see our five trainees learning from the best in the biz over five weeks of masterclasses delivered by FBi Radio presenters and alumni, a month-long radio mentorship and a series of live parties at Kings Cross Hotel. They’ll learn how to mix using CDJs and turntables, plus find out about radio presenting, music business, events and so much more.

Scroll down to get acquainted with the 2020 trainees!

Camera & edit: Gabby Dadgostar

Meet the Class of 2020!



a.k.a. Emma Bastable


a.k.a. Arianna Wenceslao


a.k.a. Simone Cheuanghane


a.k.a. Leila El Rayes


a.k.a. Talia Jimenez

Tips from Dance Class mentors

DC mentors

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