FBi Radio Dance Class

An established launchpad for DJs like Ebony Boadu, Lauren Hansom and SPORTS, FBi Radio Dance Class is back again in 2019.

Always passionate about promoting more diversity in the dance music scene, FBi Radio has put together a comprehensive DJ skills training and mentoring program to give a head start to the next generation. Powered by Tokyo Sing Song, FBi Radio Dance Class will uncover, train and mentor a new crop of talent.


With masterclasses from FBi’s finest DJs, trainees will learn the ins and outs of mixing, making radio and putting on club nights. They’ll then be paired up with an FBi Radio mentor, who they will join on air for a month. The Dance Class of 2019 will then get the chance to put on their own club nights at Tokyo Sing Song, culminating in a huge finale showcase.  


If you’re a wom*n, non-binary or trans person who loves any genre of dance music, FBi Radio Dance Class is for you.


Applications are now closed. Stay tuned to meet the Class of 2019!


Workshops will run as a weekly evening session through February, and month long mentorships will commence in March. Trainees will be required to attend all sessions.


Note: This program is open to over 18’s only – however, if you’re under 18 and tick all the other boxes, we still want to hear from you!


Class of 2016's debut mixes

Meet GiRLIRL: FBi's Dance Class 2016 Trainees

As their name suggests, DJ duo GiRLIRL united over a hyper-internet aesthetic that bleeds into their sound. Meet ♀ venus ♀ and ZEFGIRLCLUB (aka Holly & El) and hear their thumping debut mix together.

Meet Ebony Boadu: FBi's Dance Class 2016 Trainee

"Whenever I DJ, I try to visualise myself on the dance floor." Meet Ebony Boadu, the hip-hop and grime DJ who is about to graduate from FBi's 2016 Dance Class.

Meet Katia: FBi's Dance Class 2016 trainee

"I want to hear more techno in Sydney - especially the harder, faster kind." Listen to the debut mix from Katia, one of FBi's Dance Class trainees for 2016, and find out what's driving this passionate young DJ.

Tips from the mentors

DJ Club Etiquette with FlexMami - FBi's Dance Class Tip #3

How do you get booked as a DJ? Not just once, but again and again? FlexMami drops some knowledge on good club etiquette. Learn tips on how to structure your DJ set, self-promote and establish a strong persona.

How to start crate digging with Adi Toohey - FBi's Dance Class Tip #2

Record stores can be scary places, but usually they're not trying to be! FBi's Dance Class mentor Adi Toohey shares her tips on how to start crate digging.

How to prep for a DJ gig with Andy Garvey - FBi's Dance Class Tip #1

Learn pro tips alongside our 2016 Dance Class trainees! Here's Andy Garvey on how to prepare for a DJ gig - from selecting records to packing a bag with things you probably hadn't thought of.

Meet the class of 2015

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Ellie Locke video

Multi-talented Ellie Locke has surrounded herself with music all her life - from school choir to street busking and learning guitar and clarinet.

FBi's Dance Class: SPORTS (Madeleine Carr)

Madeleine Carr - aka SPORTS - is a ball of energy, behind the mic and on the decks. She's just graduated from FBi's Dance Class

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Genie (aka Genevieve Collier)

This is Genie: one of the smart, passionate & talented ladies we've mentored through FBi's Dance Class supported by V MoVement.

FBi's Dance Class 2015: Mirã Bõru (Tess Nicolaou)

See what Tess Nicolaou has learned as a graduate from FBi's Dance Class, our DJ training and mentorship program for young women.