FBi Radio Dance Class

The FBi Radio Dance Class of 2019 are bringing their new found DJ prowess to Tokyo Sing Song this May!

Over the past 12 weeks, six trainees have taken part in an intensive workshop series and mentorship program learning the art of mixing, the ins and outs of the industry, and how to host their own club nights, fully equipping them to dive head first into their local music community. Now, you can come and see akka, Cilla, DAME, Giulia, Hei Zhi Ma 黑芝麻, and Index in action!

The FBi Radio Dance Class of 2019 will be taking over Tokyo Sing Song at the Marly every Thursday night throughout May. The talented class of 2019 will bring you five unique club nights – showcasing the skills they’ve picked up in their six weeks workshops and mentorship.

May 2: HARD CANDY w/ Ptwiggs, Hei Zhi Ma 黑芝麻 & giulia

HARD CANDY is the first offering from FBi Radio Dance Class trainees Julia Harris and Elyshia Weatherby, bringing you a multi-sensory showcase of exciting local talent. More info here.

May 9: Vacancy w/ Ailsa Liu, Flower Boy 卓颖贤 & Cilla

Vacancy challenges the idea of ‘home’ as a singular physical and tangible entity that comes with a specific emotional attachment., and come with a specific emotional attachment. A lot of people with multiple intersections don’t resonate with this, and seek home from elsewhere – the club and club culture has always been home for queer people of colour. Further, trauma abolishes homes, diaspora is formed from displacement of homes, and colonisation has stolen the homes of the First Nations people of this country. Curated by Cilla, Vacancy is an empty space for you to come and fill with whatever concept of ‘home’ you resonate with. More info here.

May 16: THIRD SPACE w/ Del Lumanta, D-Grade & Index b2b akka

Index and akka are two Dance Class mentees with a shared love for global club rhythms melded with a spectrum of genre from ambient to noise. They are coming together to create THIRD SPACE, seeking to unapologetically centre the experiences, voices and music of marginalised peoples. They hope to create a place for people to honour, question and explore their own sound, context and background without being bound by genre and cultural expectations. More info here.

May 23: Perfect Practice w/ DAME, Mango & Merph

A night to let go of your inhibitions, move your body and experience the energy of making mistakes loudly. Perfect Practice is a celebration of journeys consistent of hard work, passion and sweat. Jazzy undertones, percussive rhythms, warm bass and hard-hitting high hats will facilitate your body as you move through the night, courtesy of none other than some of Sydney’s most glowing acts.

May 30: TBA

Entry is free.

Find more info on Facebook.

FBi Radio Dance Class is powered by Tokyo Sing Song.

Photos: Caitlin Medcalf 

Meet the Class of 2019!


a.k.a. Shareeka Helaluddin


a.k.a. Cilla Zhou


a.k.a. Dani Meyerowitz


a.k.a. Julia Harris

Hei Zhi Ma 黑芝麻

a.k.a. Elyshia Weatherby


a.k.a. Krishtie Mofazzal

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