Album of the Week

Kelly Lee Owens

May 13, 2022

LP.8 is the otherworldly third record by Welsh genre-bending electronic producer Kelly Lee Owens. After the cancellation of her world tour, Kelly Lee Owens was forced to start from a blank slate. This marked the catalyst for her spontaneous move to Oslo, Norway, where she began her musical partnership with prolific avant-noise musician Lasse Marhaug. Together they had a series of studio sessions that were rich in experimentation and saw Kelly Lee Owens expand upon abstract ideas and influences, which culminated into LP.8. Kelly Lee Owens pushes her dreamy sound into new territories, exploring minimalist and industrial sounds whilst drawing influence from the pioneering industrial and new age artists that inspire her. Her trance-like vocals are layered upon ambient atmospheres, throbbing noise textures and techno drum patterns. LP.8 is the result of an artist freely creating without preconceptions and expectations, and is Kelly Lee Owens’ most inventive record yet. 



Giving The World Away
May 6, 2022

Giving The World Away is the stunning sophomore record from Meanjin/Brisbane artist Harriette Pilbeam aka Hatchie. After the earnest innocence of her infectious shoegaze pop debut record, Hatchie assertively moves forward into a new sonic and lyrical world with Giving The World Away. Representing the next chapter of her life, Hatchie sings about the complicated themes of self-actualisation, emotional vulnerability and finding strength within yourself, against a shimmering backdrop of dazzling guitars and powerful synths. On Giving The World Away, Hatchie’s usual lush sonic palette broadens to include a sometimes brooding, sometimes danceable sound that is reminiscent of 80’s post-punk but with a modern, glossy finish. Giving The World Away is a sentimental yet forward-facing collection of fuzzy shoegaze and ethereal dream-pop that showcases Hatchie’s development as a musician and songwriter.


Foreign Language
April 29, 2022

Trailblazing Eora/Sydney collective 1300 release their debut mixtape Foreign Language. 13 exhilarating tracks showcasing the Korean-Australian crew’s trademark bilingual hip-hop prowess, encased in bass-heavy production informed by the electronic and club underground. Having built a reputation for their rowdy and high-energy live shows, 1300 not only deliver on the enormous critical anticipation, but brush it off with style. Shattering genre-limitations and featuring hot guest performances from contemporaries including Raj Mahal, Agung Mango and Qim Isle, Foreign Language is a game-changing release from 1300.

Horse MacGyver

End Effector
April 22, 2022

Prolific Naarm/Melbourne-based experimentalist Horse Macgyver releases his long awaited debut full-length LP End Effector through Nice Music. A high-impact digital hurricane propelled by hardware synthesis and agile editing that leaves a playful but ruthless sonic hysteria in its wake.


Malcolm After Mecca
April 15, 2022

Malcolm After Mecca is the soulful debut double album from Naarm/Melbourne duo SO.Crates. Rich with narrative, the album meditates on life’s philosophical quandaries with soul-infused beats providing a comforting accompaniment to SO.Crates’ erudite lyricism. Believing that the golden era of hip hop isn’t an era lost to time but a foundational state of mind, Malcolm After Mecca features the classic boom bap hip hop sound that the pair revere, but with a strong influence of neo-soul and jazz heard through mellow grooves and warm instrumentation. SO.Crates uplift their community of close friends and collaborators on the record through a number of local features, including neo-soul group Izy and hip-hop/R&B MC Pookie, as well as Brisbane songstress Tiana Khasi and New Zealand beatmaker DJ Spell. On Malcolm After Mecca, SO.Crates continue to draw from the classics they love whilst creating a world that’s distinctly their own, and deliver an ambitious number of songs that are both uplifting and profound. 


April 8, 2022

1-800-MIKEY fluffs the pillows and makes a warm, fuzz-laden bed on his new album PLUSHY. 13 tracks of bedroom-punk bliss, written and recorded by the Eora/Sydney based artist throughout 2020-2021. Also known for his more melancholy and self-reflective output as Dying Adolescence, on his 1-800-MIKEY project he embraces more playful songwriting. PLUSHY is padded with cute tracks about Snoopy and playing on Claw Machines, all infused with infectious power pop energy.

Elsy Wameyo

April 1, 2022

Nilotic is the debut body of work from Nairobi-born, Adelaide-based artist Elsy Wameyo. Informed equally by church & traditional music and contemporary hip-hop & soul, Nilotic interrogates the world’s evil across six self-produced songs and illuminates the darkness with her inspired and undeterred spirit. Throughout the release, Elsy Wameyo finds a sense of musical and conceptual union, interrogating her identity as a Nilotic Woman in 2022 and reflecting on the importance that faith plays in her life. Nilotic is the product of years of relentless research and introspection by Elsy Wameyo and a testament to her sophisticated, self-taught creative vision and ability.

New Weird Australia

Collapse Theories
March 26, 2022

Prolific experimental music label New Weird Australia release their newest compilation, Collapse Theories. Featuring new and unreleased works from 28 different artists, Collapse Theories includes tracks from the likes of experimental spoken-word duo jobfit, industrial, hardware-sorcerer Horse Macgyver, post-classical collective Haunts and avant-pop producer Aphir. All proceeds from the release will be donated to Bundjalung Community Flood Relief, providing direct financial support to Bundjalung First Nations communities affected by the devastating impacts of the recent flood disaster. Continuing New Weird Australia’s long history of platforming local music that exists on the fringe, Collapse Theories highlights underground talent across a broad sonic palette; traversing the worlds of DIY electronics, ambient, experimental soundscapes and realms beyond conventional classification.

Lack The Low

March 21, 2022
God-Carrier is the boundary-pushing new record from Naarm/Melbourne-based artist Lack The Low. An impressive 6-track exploration of avant-pop and electronica sounds, God-Carrier’s rich arrangements are adorned with a sophisticated yet playful approach to vocal melodies and disarmingly earnest lyricism. On this, her second body of work, Lack The Low continues to extend the constraints of songwriting convention – balancing bursts of experimental intensity with delicate balladry. Released via legendary local label Art As Catharsis, God Carrier is an impactful and absorbing new collection of songs from Lack The Low.

Nick Griffiths

Something I Once Heard
March 11, 2022

Something I Once Heard is the sophomore record from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Griffith. A playful and pliant reflection on its conceptual beginnings, Something I Once Heard carries forth a sunny European motif of the hotel rooms and cobblestone streets from which it was first forged. Yet the record’s lyricism is steeped in an unashamed frankness, discussing the transformative experiences of serious illness, relationships and the personal growth needed to overcome the in-betweens. Glistening moments of synth-pop, melodic percussion, and upbeat indie rock give way to Nick Griffith’s DIY prowess, with live drums and a wash of guitar blurring the boundaries of lo-fi pop and classic songwriting. Something I Once Heard affirms Nick Griffith’s skills as a talented writer and producer, projecting his honest but ultimately optimistic observations on a tumultuous period of his life.