Album of the Week

Divide and Dissolve

February 19, 2018

Uncompromising Melbourne duo Divide and Dissolve have just released their follow-up album Abomination. Blending Neo-Classical, Doom and Avant-Garde styles to create a unique sonic palette, Divide and Dissolve’s music serves as a vessel for their vital message of Black empowerment and Indigenous sovereignty. On Abomination, the duo challenge established colonial narratives and defy musical convention in an expression that ranges from ethereal saxophone melodies to crushingly heavy drone passages. With the delivery of this album, and on the verge of an International tour, Divide and Dissolve have cemented their place as one of the most important acts in contemporary music – not merely commanding the attention of listeners, but presenting us with the opportunity to alter our own perspectives.

Hockey Dad

Blend Inn
February 12, 2018

Blend Inn is the follow-up album from Wollongong garage rockers Hockey Dad. Having played music together since childhood, the duo were initially inspired by their experiences growing up in coastal NSW. Subsequent years have seen the two tour nationally and internationally supporting artists such as Wavves and The Frights, as well as playing headline shows at home and abroad. On Blend Inn, Hockey Dad take their return home as an opportunity to reflect on their new experiences and surroundings, but rather than abandoning their roots, have embraced them more wholeheartedly than before. On the verge of embarking on their biggest national headline tour to date, the duo seem invigorated and recharged, showcasing a slew of fresh upbeat, riff-laden tunes, delivered just in time for the twilight of the Australian summer.

DZ Deathrays

Bloody Lovely
February 5, 2018

Bloody Lovely is the third album from Brisbane two-piece DZ Deathrays. Spawning from the musical hotbed of Brisbane’s hedonistic garage-punk scene, the duo have grown far beyond their sweaty suburban house-party origins, earning a reputation for high-intensity live shows that has taken them on sold-out tours, earned them a place on the bills of major music festivals at home and abroad and won them 2 ARIAs. On Bloody Lovely, DZ Deathrays continue their musical evolution, no longer just soundtracking unhinged nights of youthful indulgence but taking us on a more cerebral exploration that takes in euphoric peaks and deranged pitfalls; knowingly going headfirst into territory that is both brutal and beautiful.

Dream Wife

Dream Wife
January 31, 2018

What started as an art university project between friends, has spawned into the debut self-titled album from Dream Wife. From distorted guitars, rumbling bass lines and corrosive vocals, the London based trio deliver 11 songs with a gritty charm.

On their debut record Rakel, Alice and Bella are spontaneous. Their energy is as apparent as their inspiration from the riotgrrrl movement, Madonna and David Bowie. Their unapologetic and brazen attitude towards bodily autonomy and the patriarchy avoids any direct pop punk homage. Whether it’s in rapid fire rhyming wordplay or strung out for maximum impact, Dream Wife aren’t afraid to ask for what they want.


Songs Of Praise
January 23, 2018

Songs of Praise by Shame is a 10 track journey through the grimey South London alleyways of grunge, hardcore and pop. Punk is best served young, and the barely post-pubescent lads wield their youth like a weapon. Influenced by Eddy Current Suppression Ring and The Stone Roses, Shame take you on a voyage without steering too far from the spit and snarl. Frontman Charlie Steen growls through phrases repeated again and again like a post punk hymn of frustration. Yet their anger is nothing new and Shame don’t consider themselves special. Songs of Praise is just a group of smart arses letting off some steam.

Tiny Little Houses

Idiot Proverbs
January 15, 2018

Tiny Little Houses’ debut album, Idiot Proverbs is the bands sharpest and loudest collection of songs to date. It’s a tight package of 10 finely crafted indie-pop gems inspired by a love of 90s lo-fi all which paint a new image of the Gen Y slacker. Frontman Caleb Karvountzis’ lyrics are sarcastic reflections on growing up and the frustrations of falling short of your own and other’s expectations. They’re tired of hearing ‘what you plant is what you get’ when two degrees still lands you working at a call centre and inflation makes owning a home further out of reach. Idiot Proverbs proves that Tiny Little Houses are done with you telling them to pull their socks up.

Total Control

Laughing At The System
December 18, 2017

They say he who has the last laugh has the best laugh. As another year draws to a close, Melbourne band Total Control have released a new record,Laughing At The System. Written and recorded over the past couple of years, it’s the follow up to 2014’s album Typical System that sees the band’s craftsmanship as impressive as ever as they continue to blend teeth gnashing post-punk and noise-synth into eight cool-under-fire tracks. It’s wry, restless and witty, with a madhouse absurdity that cuts us all a slice of psychedelic futurism. Purposefully comical and critical, vocalist Daniel Stewart’s refrain of “laughing at the system” ricochet’s throughout the record. And that titular laugh is not one to be stifled, it’s a manic cackle – raucous and brilliant. Turning doubt into disturbance and resisting conformity through convulsion, Total Control offer a sonic intervention on the strangeness of existence, breaking the fourth wall to deliver some serious punchlines.

Nabihah Iqbal

Weighing Of The Heart
December 11, 2017

London DJ and producer Nabihah Iqbal has thrown off her Throwing Shade moniker to release her debut album Weighing of the Heart. Iqbal produced the entirety of the album herself, embracing both analog and digital instrumentation that breathes existential doubt through heavy-lidded washes of guitar and synths. In a distinctly graceful balancing act of moody post-punk and dream pop, Weighing of the Heart offers intuitively composed riffs and refrains from an emerging alt-pop auteur. With Iqbal, unpacking the layers is all part of the journey, one we’re willing to take.


December 4, 2017

Björk makes a spiritual return to love on her tenth studio album Utopia, a gorgeous and visceral record laced with the ethereal intonations of a twelve piece all-female flute ensemble. In the abundance of all this woodwind comes the breathlessness of romance – the wounds of her last record, 2015’s break-up album Vulnicura, are healing over. With an artistic vision synonymous with the avant-garde, Utopia reminds us, too, of how tender Björk will leave you feeling; her voice leaves fingerprints all over the cerebral. Each moment on the album is interrogated and made sublime. Nature and culture are one and the same, both inseparable entities swept up in the elegance of classical orchestration, off-kilter beats, and imploding bass.
Co-produced by Venezuelan artist Arca, Utopia is an incredibly lucid and contemporary take on pastoral hymns, birdsongs and love ballads. Few places on Earth are a true paradise but for Björk, utopia is really just that perfect moment shared between souls.

Slum Sociable

Slum Sociable
November 27, 2017

Once university buds, now purveyors of wine-soaked melodies, Slum Sociable have released their self-titled debut album. For the follow up to their 2015 debut EP, TQ, Edward Quinn and Miller Upchurch recorded between London and their home city of Melbourne, with the pair forming a formidable friendship – one that’s deeply felt on this album. Daring to dip into the sonic palette of nostalgia and halcyon days, Slum Sociable have built on their well-known blend of jazz, soul, and electronica to bring us something that’s equal parts woozy and swaggering. As summer’s balmy nights and stormclouds come sweeping through, this debut album is perfectly surreal and restorative.