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Various Artists

Pure Space: Proximity II (Compilation)
January 21, 2022
Iconic Sydney electronic music label and radio show Pure Space release the second instalment of their annual compilation series, Proximity II. Spanning from ethereal ambient soundscapes to rave-ready trance anthems and slick drum & bass cuts, Proximity II celebrates an impressive and wide array of local producers and styles. Featuring artists including electro stalwart Reptant, hard-dance proponent SLAMROSS1000, hybrid-club producer Moktar and cosmically inclined duo IN2STELLAR (among many others), Proximity II is a cerebral collection of intricately crafted tracks that are as suited to the dancefloor as they are for deep listening at home.
100% of proceeds from the purchase of the compilation will go to the Aboriginal Legal Service in Redfern.


Blak Matriarchy
December 10, 2021

Blak Matriarchy is the highly anticipated debut EP from Malyangapa, Barkindji rapper, BARKAA. Having already established herself as a masterful storyteller with a unique, characteristically fierce and rapid-fire delivery, BARKAA’s new EP cements her place as one of the most vital figures in local hip-hop. An embodiment and celebration of BARKAA’s Matriarchal Ancestors, her family and Blak Women throughout the generations, Blak Matriarchy is a heartfelt testament to independence and a staunch indictment of the colonial mindset.

Milan Ring

I'm Feeling Hopeful
December 3, 2021

I’m Feeling Hopeful is the stunning new album from prolific Sydney artist Milan Ring. A deeply respected and established member of Sydney’s music community, Milan Ring has developed a reputation as a sought after collaborator and creative visionary both at home and abroad. On this, her debut album, Milan Ring plays the role of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and mix engineer, unifying her widespread talents to deliver a poignant and cohesive 14-track odyssey. Exploring themes of inward and outward love, relationships, control and freedom, the critical mind, depression, desire and addiction, I’m Feeling Hopeful sees Milan Ring interrogate differing perspectives on the human experience; finally arriving at a considered but optimistic outlook. In her own words: “When we allow our minds to run rampant we often hurt ourselves, those around us and those around them in the process. But in these moments we always have the choice to break through the negative dialogue and lean into love, forgiveness and gratitude. It isn’t easy, but life is a blessing and I’m feeling hopeful.”

Sega Bodega

November 29, 2021

Romeo is the celestial second album from London-based producer Sega Bodega. Having already carved out space as a mainstay of the deconstructed club, hyperpop and UK bass scenes, this new album affirms Sega Bodega’s reputation not only as a unique sound designer but also as a songwriter. A concept album based around a fictionalised relationship between Sega Bodega and “a girlfriend made entirely of light, named Luci”, Romeo also sports guest features from Arca, BEA1991 and Charlotte Gainsbourg, as well as a tribute to late-friend SOPHIE. Blending sincere balladry with cutting-edge production, Romeo is Sega Bodega’s most entrancing work yet.


Autumnal Eve
November 19, 2021

Newcastle based musician e4444e (aka Romy Church) adds another chapter to his already impressive body of work with his sophomore album Autumnal Eve.
Following on from his debut album Coldstream Road, and coming off the back of his collaborative, live experimental work with lovedavid and Skip Wilcox INVISIBLE STONE, this new album returns to e4444e’s blend of raw plucked acoustic guitars, elements of found sound recordings, soft ethereal synths and subtly rippling samples.
e4444e’s characteristic aversion to traditional song-structures and unconventional combination of sounds on Autumnal Eve creates a unique sense of travelling through someone else’s dream; wandering alone through a world which, although unknown, is warmly familiar.


Tear Tracks
November 12, 2021
A heart-rending exploration of the breakdown of a relationship in real time, Banoffee is her most vulnerable self on her second album Tear Tracks.
A record born out of a series of misfortunes – a forced relocation from her recently adopted home of Los Angeles back to Melbourne thanks to COVID, a cancelled world tour and struggles with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia – Tear Tracks sees Banoffee writing as a form of catharsis, with its focal point a painfully drawn out breakup.
The album’s 9 tracks traverse the rollercoaster of emotions and swirling anxieties that come alongside the deterioration of a long-term relationship, particularly one where you’re forced to continue living together in lockdown – from sweet remembrances of intimacy, to the struggled blur of coping through pharmaceutical use, and the agony of hating someone while still being in love with them.
Banoffee translates her PC Music-inspired aesthetic of glitchy midis and layered synths into a hyperpop journey depicting the full gamut of emotions she experienced while writing the record: love, longing, confusion, even tenderness. Despite its often too-real subject matter, the threads of hope Banoffee offers up throughout Tear Tracks leave you feeling that everything is transient; that things might be okay tomorrow, even if they’re not today.

Low Life

From Squats to Lots: The Agony & XTC of Low Life
November 5, 2021

Sydney underground favourites Low Life return with their third album From Squats to Lots: The Agony & XTC of Low Life.
Continuing their tradition of documenting the reckless underbelly of sin city, the band stay true to their DIY ethos, while allowing their sound to develop into something a little more textured and withdrawn. Gauzy guitars, gleaming synths and the odd string arrangement decorate the anthemic grit that Low Life has become synonymous with. Conveying Low Life’s familiar nihilism and brutality, Mitch Tolman’s lyrics paint a picture of a life where dreams get broken, affection is fleeting and the everyday world bears a heavy weight. Despite all of this, From Squats To Lots is an ode to resilience through the grind; a testament to those who revel in the The Agony And XTC of life and a tribute to those who didn’t make it.


October 29, 2021
JPEGMAFIA returns with his fourth studio album LP! Featuring the Baltimore Rapper and Producer’s trademark experimental, sound-collage style, this new album sees Peggy return to more conventional song structures but still embrace oddity. Sampling everything from WWE wrestling dialogue to Technical Metal and personal phone recordings.
Coming in at almost 20 tracks – and sporting appearances from Tkay Maidza and Denzel Curry – LP! Showcases JPEGMAFIA still in a league of his own. Flipping genre conventions on their head, cutting down critics and sidestepping music industry suits in one fell swoop; as fierce and honest as he’s ever been.

Indira Elias

Songs from a Moon//Songs by the Sun
October 22, 2021

Songs from a Moon//Songs by the Sun is the stunning, highly anticipated full-length offering from Sydney’s Indira Elias.
Written and self-produced by Elias, with a local, all-star cast of featured musicians and mixing courtesy of Antonia Gauci, the album is a coming-of-age record, pieced together over the better part of a decade.
Songs from a Moon // Songs by the Sun is an album presented in two parts. Part one was largely written while Elias was fresh out of school, living in Paris – exploratory and curious, painted with youthful courage and naivety. Part two, written here at home, sees Elias come into her own, traversing grief, heartbreak and joy at once. Both halves come together to form a whole nothing short of epic.
Equal parts grandiose and sincere, peppered with soaring harp, rolling drums and angelic harmonies – Songs from a Moon//Songs by the Sun is a debut well and truly worth the wait.


Remembrance of Things To Come
October 15, 2021

Papaphilia is the experimental electronic music project of Naarm-based multi-disciplinary artist Fjorn Bastos. On her new album Remembrance of Things To Come, Papaphilia presents a series of meditations on ancestral knowledge, the cyclical character of time and the experiences of those resisting the oppressive and decaying colonial power structures in so-called Australia.
Created in collaboration with prolific producers Kuya Neil and Various Asses, the album beautifully melds a disparate collection of sonic touchpoints. Industrial and hard-dance percussion, obtuse synth sequences, acid basslines and warmly manipulated vocals are all part of the album’s DNA.
Remembrance Of Things To Come is an intricately designed collection of tracks that explore the outer-reaches of the dance music idiom: a holistic musical offering built upon the pertinent conceptual underpinnings of Papaphilia’s artistic vision.