Album of the Week


Remembrance of Things To Come
October 15, 2021

Papaphilia is the experimental electronic music project of Naarm-based multi-disciplinary artist Fjorn Bastos. On her new album Remembrance of Things To Come, Papaphilia presents a series of meditations on ancestral knowledge, the cyclical character of time and the experiences of those resisting the oppressive and decaying colonial power structures in so-called Australia.
Created in collaboration with prolific producers Kuya Neil and Various Asses, the album beautifully melds a disparate collection of sonic touchpoints. Industrial and hard-dance percussion, obtuse synth sequences, acid basslines and warmly manipulated vocals are all part of the album’s DNA.
Remembrance Of Things To Come is an intricately designed collection of tracks that explore the outer-reaches of the dance music idiom: a holistic musical offering built upon the pertinent conceptual underpinnings of Papaphilia’s artistic vision.


OTTN (On To The Next)
October 8, 2021

OTTN (On To The Next) is the expansive new mixtape from Naarm based artist IJALE. An 18 track body of work, spurred on by a radical year of lockdowns, inner turmoil, self-examination and reinvigorated artistic identity.
As the sole architect of his creative vision – taking on the role of producer, vocalist and performer – IJALE confidently explores a wide variety of styles ranging from Afrobeats to piano ballads; Drill to Indie R&B and beyond.
In addition to his boundless stylistic approach, IJALE shares an unflinchingly honest approach to lyricism on OTTN: reflecting on racial unrest, patriarchal masculinity, new love and self love

Kedr Livanskiy

Liminal Soul
October 1, 2021

On Liminal Soul, Moscow-based electronic producer Kedr Livanskiy transforms the heady breakbeat dancescapes of her previous work into ethereal, avant-pop gems.
As it’s title suggests, Liminal Soul sees Kedr Livanskiy exploring transitional spaces in her music – between electronic and organic, youth and maturity, unnerving and comforting. In her own words: “an intense interlacement of meanings… liminal, ever-changing, elusive.”
With clear references to 90s rave and ambient house, as well as elements of dream-pop and new wave, Liminal Soul solidifies Kedr Livanskiy’s chameleon-like songwriting abilities.  A sophisticated collection of songs that could just as easily soundtrack sunrise at the rave as they could a reflective night in.

Moor Mother

Black Encyclopedia of the Air
September 24, 2021

Moor Mother continues her practice of embodying Afrofuturism in the digital age on her new album Black Encyclopedia of the Air. Envisioning the intersection between music and technology as a place to reshape Black identities and futures.
Referencing free jazz, gospel and the elders of Afrofuturism – Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane – Moor Mother continues their legacy and uses these forms as tools of Black expression and liberation, all while bringing her own unique, 21st Century voice to the equation.
Where previous releases leant into more abrasive, industrial and harsh-noise territory, Black Encyclopedia of the Air presents Moor Mother’s most approachable output yet. Although she herself has joked about this being her “sell-out album”, the real intention is clear – to bring in a wider range of people in to receive her vital message.
Reflecting on ongoing cycles of intergenerational trauma and inequality, the importance of memory and rejecting widely accepted notions of linear time, Moor Mother presents us with a radical new version of consciousness, set atop a swirling and innovative soundscape.


September 17, 2021

Beloved Naarm band HTRK return with their 5th album, Rhinestones. With a pivot towards gothic country, the genre-averse duo of Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang, present the most stripped-back collection of songs in their career to date.
In contrast to the dubbed-out and murky synth pads of Psychic 9-5 Club and the cohesive, pop-oriented form of Venus In Leo, HTRK manage to retain all of their trademark magic and moody sophistication through this collection of sparse, finger-picked ballads.
In an ethereal haze, Jonnine Standish’s hushed and poetic lyrics unfurl with more prominence than ever before, recounting dreams and ruminations on the beauty of friendship.
Rhinestones presents HTRK, in their most bare and sentimental incarnation. Its title – inspired by a baby blue Texan star brooch gifted to Standish one New Years Eve – reflects the duo’s belief that even “cheap keepsakes can be more valuable than diamonds“.

Marcus Whale

The Hunger
September 10, 2021

Adorned in Satyr-esque chaps, an Elizabethan ruffled collar and a striking cowboy hat, Marcus Whale transforms into his newest persona – a vampire’s familiar – for his latest album The Hunger.  
Known for his work as half of electronic-pop duo Collarbones and as part of underground club group BV, the Sydney auteur’s solo project utilises a more theatrical approach. The Hunger sees Marcus Whale integrating music and performance-based character work, composed alongside a dramatic performance, with set and costume design from artists Athena Thebus and Chloe Corkran.
Having previously embodied the persona of the fallen angel Lucifer in his 2020 album of the same name, Marcus Whale continues his exploration of mythological and queer-iconography by using the relationship between a vampire and it’s victim – a lonely cowboy – as a vehicle for exploring the tensions between life and death, sensuality and gore, fear and yearning.  
Comprised of an entrancing mixture of delicate piano-led ballads and frenetic, arpeggiated synthscapes, The Hunger weaves a macabre but beautiful story of transformation fueled by the power of desire and lust.

Little Simz

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
September 3, 2021

Little Simz delivers an affirming and rich personal statement on her 4th studio album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert. Sporting an expansive new sound, the album’s 19 tracks unravel stories of Little Simz’ personal and public life. Set against a backdrop of local community, cyclical social inequality, youth violence and memories of her London upbringing, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert showcases Little Simz’ masterfully sharp flow and captivating storytelling style. With a broad sonic palette that covers everything from theatrical orchestration to grimy minimalism and 808 heavy synth pop, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is compelling in all senses. Transforming what started as a collection of existential reflections into an album that is invigorating, uplifting and ultimately finds the power in introversion.


August 27, 2021

Ngaiire dazzles on her highly anticipated new album, 3. Conceptualised on a trip to her hometown in 2017, 3 was initially a project aimed at exploring contemporary aesthetics in Papua New Guinea. However the ensuing years of Global political upheaval and personal transformation evolved the album into something much more intimate.
Ngaiire’s third album sees her grapple with new motherhood, her identity as a woman of colour from post-colonial PNG, navigating a whitewashed Australian music industry and exploring a bolder level of creative freedom than she has before.
Co-written and produced by Paris-based, Sydney transplant Jack Grace, 3 is deftly layered with entrancing gospel harmonies, decorated with soft electronic overtones and a percussive heartbeat that lays the groundwork for Ngaiire’s most impressive work yet.

B Wise

August 20, 2021

jaime is the sophomore album from trailblazing South West Sydney artist, B Wise.
Having paved the way for countless Australian hip-hop acts, this follow up to 2018’s Area Famous showcases a triumphant return for the Liverpool rapper.
Stacked with impressive collaborations from the likes of Sampa The Great, ONEFOUR, Milan Ring, Jess B, Blessed, Becca Hatch and more, this album sees B Wise step back from the characteristic bravado of his previous record to give us a more intimate picture of the person behind the persona: the real jamie. The resultant album offers up 13 tracks of absolute fire and cements his place as one of the nation’s most respected hip-hop artists, advocates and storytellers.


August 13, 2021

Tinashe steps out from the shadow of her former label and takes back the reins on her 5th studio album, the Independently released, 333.
In recent interviews Tinashe has reflected on the consistent pigeonholing of her music as ‘rnb’ or ‘urban’ – terms that have never resonated with the US artist. 333 sees Tinashe fighting these outdated and strict genre distinctions rooted in racial segregation and ascending through a lush sonic palette of glimmering and buoyant electronic sounds.
Taking on the role of singer, songwriter, producer, mixer, engineer, artistic director, and editor for the album, Tinashe has flourished in her new found control. Reinforcing this almost omnipotent influence over her new release, the album’s title is a reference to the ‘angel number’ 333, associated with divine protectors: delivering messages of love, growth and destiny.