Music Interviews

Learning to call it a day: Snowy Band on The Saturday Overhang with Issy Phillips

The Naarm/Melbourne four piece talk about feeling settled and secure enough in their work to throw a bit of caution to the wind.

The endless interpretations of KUČKA’s ‘Wrestling’ on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser

She’s physical! She’s metaphorical! She’s even a lil bit sexual! Delve into the mind of Aus’ avant-garde pop auteur & her labour of love debut album.

One painting, two mirrors, a handful of broken teeth: The Goon Sax on Arvos

Louis Forster of The Goon Sax talks everything from psychic paintings, moving to London, self reflection and musical influence.

LOVEU2BITS is BOY SODA’s sticky note on the high-risk, high-reward dichotomy of love

Courtney chatted to BOY SODA about what he’s been up to in lock down and the process behind his latest single LOVEU2BITS.

Master Peace gets personal with Tommy Codling

Co-signed by Frank Ocean, Elton John and Skepta, South London’s Master Peace has been meticulously carving his own lane.

Lucy Dacus and Courtney Ammenhauser

Life through sepia-toned glasses: Lucy Dacus on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser

Dacus’ record ‘Home Video’ reckons with the complexities of her own childhood nostalgia.

Love, loss and resilience: Mariam Sawires on The Snacc Pacc

Sawires discusses the EP that’s sure to elevate any bubble bath experience.

A.GIRL on empowering female artists, retrospective advice and incredulous moments

A.GIRL’s vision to connect female creatives, how heritage plays into artistry, and “pinch-yourself” moments on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis.

Erika de Casier on her creative influences and playful reimaginings

Eddy Diamond chatted to Erika de Casier ahead of the release of her sophomore LP/our current reigning Album of the Week, ‘Sensational’.

Tulliah on the relationships that matter, recording ‘Fre$h Hugs’ and the perils of beans in the studio

Mornington Peninsula’s Tulliah brought charm, wit and a beautiful voice to Tuesday Arvos, as the first in-studio guest in well over a year.