Music Interviews

Milan Ring on Hopefulness, Hand Gestures and Healing

2021 Best Live Act SMAC Award nominee Milan Ring sat down with Gus McGrath on Arvos to chat about her stunning debut album.

Banoffee’s sophomore album ‘Tear Tracks’ is for “crying in the car, crying in the club, or crying having sex”

Banoffee sat down with Kiki Amberber on Mornings last week to chat about growth, grief, and her tiny nylon string guitar.

On the road with Shady Nasty on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

The iconic local three piece unpack their signature car iconography.

Jay Watson’s pub lunch preferences & sharp left turns

Watch the Pond/GUM/Tame Impala multi-instrumentalist speak on everything from share-house horror stories to finding confidence as a producer.

Main Character Energy with Chelsea Warner on The Saturday Overhang

Chelsea Warner’s not in the mood! She airs her dirty laundry + hits all the emotional marks on her debut EP ‘Drama’.

No shade here: MOSSY debuts his new single on Mornings with Ben Hansen

MOSSY discusses his new single ‘Shade’, creating catchy synth lines and Kate Bush comparisons on Mornings with Ben Hansen.

On ‘Rhinestones’, immediacy and intimacy: HTRK on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis

The beloved Naarm outfit’s Nigel & Jonnine spoke to Darren Lesaguis about the band’s journey towards more stripped back sounds.

“Yo, we’re gonna pull up, plug in the P.A. and play!”: Injury Reserve on Arvos with Chris Twite

Parker and Ritchie Zoomed with Twitey to dish on all things ‘By The Time I Get To Phoenix’.

Learning to call it a day: Snowy Band on The Saturday Overhang with Issy Phillips

The Naarm/Melbourne four piece talk about feeling settled and secure enough in their work to throw a bit of caution to the wind.

The endless interpretations of KUČKA’s ‘Wrestling’ on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser

She’s physical! She’s metaphorical! She’s even a lil bit sexual! Delve into the mind of Aus’ avant-garde pop auteur & her labour of love debut album.