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Independent Artist of the Week: Elle Shimada

Elle Shimada’s latest single is like a 3D printed heart on fire, blistering with bass, polished in plastic and bleeding like a screeching violin. FBi’s Independent Artist of the Week this week, the Naarm-Melbourne-based producer, DJ, and vocalist spoke to Kate Saap on Up for It! about the process behind her latest single.

Collarbones forever

Legendary Australian duo Collarbones are breaking up. Mainstays of the scene who, in the 16 years they’ve been active, basically wrote the script for Australian electronic pop music, Travis Cook and Marcus Whale have decided it’s finally time to say goodbye. However, as they told Tommy Codling on Thursday Arvos, they’re not going out without a bang.

Independent Artist of the Week: Doris

Doris’ music is chaotic, collaborative, inspirational and occasionally contradictory. Just like life. Up For It!’s Lill Scott chatted to Ziek, Myles and Bronte about their upcoming EP Birthday Cakes, the pains of customer service and being vulnerable on stage.

HAND IN HAND with PluggnB: Andre Bugatti chats his new record on JUICE

Rapper/ producer/ musical polymath Andre Bugatti is a master in the art of deliberate effortlessness. He swung by the studio on Monday for JUICE with Nazty Gurl to chat about his latest record HAND IN HAND.

Independent Artist of the Week: 33

33’s latest EP ‘Bradley’ is a dreamy composite of sonic experimentation. A massive return from a 10 year hiatus, each piece of the EP combines to create a kaleidoscopic insight into Mary’s creative process, and her rebellion against the jarring pursuit of perfection.

A story about mundane breakups – Shoeb Ahmad on Surfacing

“The best way to look at it is like chapters of a book, you know, it’s chapters to a story” reflects award-winning musician and composer Shoeb Ahmad, aka Sia Ahmad, on the five-part song cycle of her new project. Sia joined Luke M de Zilva and Mara Schwerdtfeger on Surfacing last week to discuss how her latest EP captures this forebodingly bathetic narrative.

Independent Artist of the Week: BACKHAND

The final line of Eora/Sydney hardcore band BACKHAND’s Bandcamp bio reads “We are sick of talk. It’s time to f*cking listen.” And listen you will. FBi’s Independent Artist of the Week this week sat down with Kate Saap on Up for It! to chat about their new EP.

Floodlights chat Australian landscapes and painting time on Up For It! with Maleeka Gazula

There is an astuteness to Floodlight’s observations of the world that inhabits their recent album Painting Of My Time. Two of the Melbourne four-piece Ashlee Kehoe and Louis Parsons joined Up For It’s! Maleeka Gazula for a deeper delve into their writing process and recent tour. 

Independent Artist of the Week: Classic

South Coast indie pop band Classic is the brainchild of Ashley Bundang. The band has been working tirelessly with five releases over the past year and they’ve just released their debut album Did You Have Fun?