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Embracing the unfamiliar with Sharon Van Etten on Up For It!

What does it take to nurture the home you always yearned for? This is the meditation on acclaimed singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten’s sixth album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong. She joined Maleeka Gazula on Up For It! to talk through the album ahead of her Sydney Opera House show.

“We working hard. We don’t rest.” PANIA shares her secrets to success on JUICE wit Nazty Gurl

PANIA is an R&B artist from West Melbourne who is well and truly on the rise. She stopped by the FBi studios to chat about her new EP, sold out shows, creative process and dream collaborations on JUICE with Nazty Gurl.

Ayesha Madon talks balance and vulnerability on Friday Arvos

Looking at Ayesha Madon’s burgeoning music career, the word ‘meteoric’ doesn’t come close to describing the year she’s had. She joined Grace and Al on Friday Arvos to unpack her recent stardom, creative process, and her methods for balancing creative pursuits.

Celebrating 20 years of Repressed Records on Surfacing with Luke and Mara

Repressed Records has achieved icon status across the country for its ever-reliable multi-genre collection of left-of-centre releases. The owner, Nic Warnock, joined Luke and Mara on Surfacing to talk through label’s role in championing Australian music. 

Library Siesta chat their sophomore album ‘What You’re Worth’ on Arvos

Riding high off the release of their second album ‘What You’re Worth’, Bre Jones and Bobby May of Library Siesta joined Grace and Al in the studio to talk artistic vision, bawling your eyes out and Murphy’s law.

Independent Artist of the Week: Shake Daddy

As our Independent Artist of the Week, Shake Daddy found time in their busy schedule to chat with Rina Evangeline on Up For It! about the origins of the Shake Daddy Moniker, Detroit House, and (literal) Oakley Sunnies.

Shygirl chats the evolution of her sound on new album ‘Nymph’

“I feel like I’m a bit of a confusing artist for a random person to consume.” English artist Shygirl has been forging her own path in terms of genre. She caught up with Bri Kennedy on Arvos to talk through her new record ‘Nymph’ and the multitudes it contains.

Ripple Effect Band talk language, culture and community on Mornings with Kana Frazer

Ripple Effect Band are an all female rock band from Maningrida in Arnhem Land, injecting fresh life into the tradition of saltwater rock. They stopped by FBi Radio to chat with Kana Frazer on Mornings, in the midst of their current tour.

Bayang (tha Bushranger) brings sci-fi rap and exclusive demos to JUICE with Nazty Gurl

Bayang (tha Bushranger) is a rapper, DJ and creative from Wylie Park in Eora / Sydney’s west. A unique voice in the music scene, Bayang jumped on Juice with Nazty Gurl to chat about the importance of FBi Radio, transitioning from metal to hip hop and infusing sci fi into his music.

CORIN chats art in all forms on Mornings with Louisa Thurn

Corin Ileto is an electronic producer, composer and performer. She joined Louisa Thurn on Tuesday Mornings to chat about live shows, practice during lockdown and collaborating with local artists.