FBi Radio only exists because a bunch of amazing people volunteer their precious time to make sure it does. Both on-air and behind the scenes, it’s our volunteers that make sure FBi Radio is its best self day in and day out. Maybe you could be one of them?

Apply to be a volunteer here!

What’s in it for me?

FBi Radio is a wonderland of possibility for the budding volunteer. Starting with front desk duties (YES!), volunteers move on to working in the music library (WOOT!), video-making, social media-doing, writing, designing and all of the other contenting (OOOOO!), and of course producing or presenting shows on-air (AHHHH; warm concluding applause). If you show us you’re committed, we’ll try our butts off to get you experienced in whichever area of the industry you want to pursue.

OK that sounds like the best, what do you need from me?

We’re looking for volunteers who can commit to at least one half-day a week for a minimum of 3 months (but hopefully you’ll continue on after that) and you’ll need to be a current FBi Radio supporter, just like all staff and presenters (you can sign up here). If the membership fee is a barrier for you, please reach out to volunteer@fbiradio.com to chat through your options.

And who am I?

You might be just starting out and looking for some general broadcast/creative industry experience, or you could be a super-skilled wonderperson looking to help us out in more specialised areas.

What will it be like there?

New volunteers will start out on our ‘Frontline’. As a Frontliner you’ll be the face of FBi Radio – stationed at the front desk you’ll greet guests and answer the phones – just like a real face does! You’ll also assist the staff, music librarians and broadcasters as the volunteer on duty during your shift.

Working on Frontline gives you the opportunity to get an insight into the organisation’s structure and the roles available while facilitating the day-to-day running of the station. It also means we get to know each other better so that when that Sweet Opportunity comes up, we can say “I know them from their illustrious time on Frontline. They would be perfect for this Sweet Opportunity!”

Volunteers are encouraged to be proactive in seeking new opportunities within the organisation. New roles crop up regularly and you’ll be exposed to opportunities to participate in training and other special projects.

  • For more info or to discuss alternative application formats, drop us a line at volunteer@fbiradio.com
  • If you’re interested in presenting, keep an eye out for the next presenter training call out, it’ll be advertised on our socials.
  • If you have an idea for a new show, you can email programs@fbiradio.com for information on submitting a pitch.
  • For a list of volunteer or job opportunities at other community radio stations in Sydney and around the country, see the Community Broadcasting Association’s website.


We welcome and encourage applications from First Nations people, people from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds, genders and orientations, and people with disability.