Culture Interviews

Meet your new Up For It host, Ruby Miles

Ruby brings her positive vibes to our weekday brekkie slot, and we couldn’t be more excited to be waking up with her! Get to know FBi Radio’s newest queen of breakfast radio.

Here are all the winners in the 2017 FBi SMAC Awards

Introducing Sydney’s most exciting music, arts and culture in 2017 – as voted by you!

Exploring ‘You See Monsters’: Aussie vs Australian

“‘Aussie’ is this complete cultural construction which I want no part of because what it represents to me is the Cronulla riots, big belligerent toxic masculinity, all of that bound up into one word and chanted out whenever people get the chance, and I don’t want any part of that.”

The Hanging: Moving Histories // Future Projections

One screen, ten of Australia’s leading female artists. Moving Histories // Future Projections brings together a series of video-based artworks to critique the impact of film throughout time.

Ten Top Picks For Sydney Festival 2018

Virtual reality, underwater music and a whole year of socially engaged artistic projects: here are our top picks for Sydney Festival 2018.

Feel Your Feelings: A Holiday Playlist by Women In The Arts

Treat yourself! We asked all of this year’s Agenda collaborators and contributors to give us one tip on dealing with creative burnout, plus one song that never fails to make them feel good.

Big Screen: The Last Jedi

Seen the latest Star Wars release yet? Our resident film buff James Ross talks blockbuster film-making in the modern era.

Exploring ‘You See Monsters’: Art, Racism and Islam

“How can the community call it racism if our own leaders refuse to do so?”

Bill Nye the Science Guy: “Let’s Save the World!”

Before he takes to the Sydney Opera House stage, Bill Nye chatted with Up & Atom’s Dr Alice Williamson. From climate change to outer space, sceptics to saving the world, expect plenty of big ideas to get you thinking.

How to Stay Underground at the Sydney Underground Festival

There’s more to the Festival than films that keep you awake at night. There are also beautiful experiments with documentary footage, blacker-than-black comedies, and ingenious dramas – assembled into a dawn-till-dusk line-up which turns the Factory Theatre into a second home for cult-film cinephiles.