Independent Artist Of The Week

Independent Artist of the Week: Jazz NOBODI

Jazz NOBODI is busy. Busy with his own solo work, dropping an EP earlier this month; busy with Planet Vegeta, the group which began in 2018 with SVNO, Look Good and himself, and who are in the midst of recording a tape; and busy with 92Wrld, the umbrella collective which branches off into all manner of divergent lanes. And that’s not even all of it.

Independent Artist of the Week: Sunnets

Sunnets are a brand new Sydney-based project that encapsulates the kind of sunny euphoria that could only be found after quitting a job whilst simultaneously beginning a new romantic relationship. Their debut EP Eucalyptus was born after a Hinge match and recorded during a 48 hour lock-in. They caught up with John Troughton on Up For It! to tell us all about their new record.

Independent Artist of the Week: Gift Exchange

A twisted sense of magic seeps through the music of Sydney electronic trio Gift Exchange. It’s like a brooding storm cloud swirling with sounds ranging from punk to operatic. Comprised of vocalist Madison Scott, guitarist Jaime Krausmann and producer Eduardo Bianchino, the group is self proclaimed ‘witch-house/drag/goth’ outfit.

Independent Artist of the Week: Lamira

Venezuelan Mami, Lamira, is making waves with her soulful and infectious blend of Reggaeton beats and Caribbean rhythms. Having made the familiar journey from creating music in her friend’s kitchen, to finding like-minded collaborators to help elevate and spread her sound far and wide, Lamira is an artist fast on the rise. 

Independent Artist of the Week: AR the Eternal

At the start of this month Western Sydney rapper and host of The Kxckbxck on FBi Radio AR the Eternal dropped a stunning new double-sided tape, titled The Outside demos. The demos showcase AR’s versatility, at once a master of fast rap and gentle RnB. Crowned our Independent Artist of the Week, AR told us all about his new project with Maleeka Gazula on Up for It! last Friday.

Independent Artist of the Week: Sidney Phillips

Sidney Phillips’ Soundcloud profile picture is of Korean pop group JYJ member, Kim Jae-joong. “Exo-l 4 lyfe” in bio. References to The Sopranos, Skins, South Park, and Breaking Bad can be found across Sidney’s musical releases: her Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram presence teeters on the edge of irony, relevance and personal sincerity.

Independent Artist of the Week: Fisheye FM

When love, connection and creative freedom collide, they give us musical duo and FBi’s Independent Artist of the Week, Fisheye FM.

Independent Artist of the Week: Verna Bloom

Though Sydney electronic artist Verna Bloom exchanged her place in the ever-exciting Melbourne punk scene for a journey as a solo producer and performer, her instrument of choice – the Yamaha Reface CS – remains the core of her distinctive, weightless and weary sound.

Independent Artist of the Week: Freezer

Our latest Independent Artist of the Week Freezer makes energetic, dissonant guitar music, reminiscent of the hard rock of the late 1990s fitted against an experimental DIY sound. They joined Ruby and Al on Friday Arvos for a chat about their live shows, their new EP, and the community they’ve built within the scene.

Independent Artist of the Week: LILPIXIE

‘WANT 2’ has earned LILPIXIE the title of FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week. They joined Kate Saap on Up For It! to chat the track, their process, and the view looking down the barrel of an incredible career.