Soundcheck September 24 – 30: Brockhampton, Skepta, Destroyer, Noname, Theo Parrish, DJ Koze, Rabbit Island

Need a live music fix? Here are our top gig picks in Sydney this week.

Independent Artist of the Week: Karli White

Karli White’s moody dystopian sound blends goth, industrial, and new wave into peculiar dark pop songs

Independent Artist of the Week: Perra Vida

Violence against women, government f**kery, drugs, organised religion, it’s all fuel for the raging fire that is Perra Vida – feminist punk direct from Lima, Peru.

Independent Artist of the Week: Vape Dadz

Vape Dadz: three dads who do not vape, but do make crunchy dance music for misfits.

FIRST LISTEN: 100’s heavy first drop If I Give Myself

Screeching guitars soaked in reverb, raw n heavy drumming and a hoarse vocal spitting blood and gravel over the lot of it, If I Give Myself is an object lesson in post-punk principle.

Independent Artist of the Week: Henri O.R. Asar

Henri O.R. Asar is here to soundtrack your early-spring sun with his unfixed, IDM-influenced ambient soundscapes – music to get lost in.

PREMIERE: Deep n dark – it’s Bin Juice’s latest Swish

Bin Juice returns with Swish – a dark, hugely satisfying slow-burner produced by The Goods’ beatmaestro Ross Ferraro. It premiered on Mornings with Eddy Diamond.