Independent Artist of the Week: Kween G

Provocative, unflinching and authentic, Kween G delivers a fearless statement with Kibone.

PREMIERE: Optimism is the name of the game on Neighbourhood Void’s ‘Recovery’

Hesitant but hopeful, NV declare that they reckon we’re gonna be ok.

Independent Artist of the Week: Concrete Lawn

Relentless Sydney punk music as rhythmic and ferocious as it is anti-oppresive.

PREMIERE: Elmo Aoyama synthesises possibility & reality on ‘Spells’

Sydney synth savant Elmo Aoyama patches together a dreamy sonic tale of loss, change and transience.

PREMIERE: The party’s not over on MAWiE’s ‘Last Night Was Too Lit’

No sleep! Bus, club, another club, another club, another club, plane, next place. No sleep.

PREMIERE: Science & art in(ter)sect on Agency’s ‘Buffaloes’

aka. “how to find the beauty in an unexplained tarantula infestation.”

Rapper JK-47 on his recipe for change

“Go out there and learn. Keep your ears open. Be quick to hear, but slow to speak.”

For The Record Label Showcase: Pure Space

Part one of a series of deep dives into local independent labels.

Independent Artist of the Week: Tuff Sherm

Tuff Sherm returns with an album full of patented house music for an immensely important cause.