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Playlist: Support Black & First Nations Artists

Purchase music from Black and First Nations artists as means of demonstrating financial support.

We're Hiring: General Manager

Passionate about FBi Radio as a leading voice for local and emerging culture? Applications are now open for the position of General Manager.

Independent Artist of the Week: ZK king 劉

The Naarm-based producer is cutting her teeth as a true multi-disciplinarian.

Spooko's Top 10 Lockdown Horror Picks

10 movies about being stuck in a nightmarish house (to watch while we’re still stuck in our houses).

Great Lockdown Takeaway Options with Lee Tran Lam

While we Stay In & Stay On, Local Fidelity's Lee Tran Lam has some sweet lockdown takeaway tips!

No shade here: MOSSY debuts his new single on Mornings with Ben Hansen

MOSSY discusses his new single 'Shade', creating catchy synth lines and Kate Bush comparisons on Mornings with Ben Hansen.

This Week In Sydney

Culture Guide: 18 - 24 October

Online painting workshops, an art exhibition showcasing Chinese food, festivals + more!


In light of the current Sydney lockdown, Soundcheck is on a temporary hiatus. 

Diary of Death

In light of the current Sydney lockdown, Diary of Death is on a temporary hiatus.

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Race Matters

Sara Khan and Darren Lesaguis chat race, culture, representation, arts and current affairs with a range of guests.
White ghosts swirling around the word 'Spooko' on a dark background


Can't handle scary movies? Neither can ex-Arvos host Peach. To help him overcome his aversion, his former co-host Shag is talking him through the plots, the kills, the blood and the thrills of iconic horror films, one Wikipedia synopsis at a time.

Wax Lyrical

Wax Lyrical is an exploration of written works, found texts, songs with lyrics, poems with music.

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Gallery: School Strike 4 Climate 2021

The Backchat team attended the School Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday, May 21 2021.

Gallery: Free Palestine Nakba Day Rally 2021

The Backchat team attended the '#SaveSheikhJarrah, Free Palestine, Commemorate Al Nakba' protest on Saturday, May 15 2021.

Gallery: Aboriginal Deaths In Custody Rally 2021

Backchat photographer Christopher Hanna captured the 30th Anniversary of the Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody.