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Playlist: Support Black & First Nations Artists

Purchase music from Black and First Nations artists as means of demonstrating financial support.


JOEDOLSKI successfully walks the tightrope between the new and old school of Hip-Hop.

Banoffee's sophomore album 'Tear Tracks' is for "crying in the car, crying in the club, or crying having sex"

Banoffee sat down with Kiki Amberber on Mornings last week to chat about growth, grief, and her tiny nylon string guitar.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jannah Beth oozes divine beauty on 'Who Am I To Judge'

A sincere and cathartic moment from an artist chronicling her journey and announcing her arrival.

Main Character Energy with Chelsea Warner on The Saturday Overhang

Chelsea Warner's not in the mood! She airs her dirty laundry + hits all the emotional marks on her debut EP 'Drama'.

On the road with Shady Nasty on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

The iconic local three piece unpack their signature car iconography.

This Week In Sydney

Soundcheck: 29 November - 5 December

Need a live music fix? Catch Shining Bird, Telenova, Mowgli May, Foshe, and more in Sydney and surrounds this week.

Culture Guide: 29 November - 5 December

Film trivia, Queer Powerpoint, The Other Art Fair, Dean Cross Solo exhibition & more! Culture Guide on-air every weekday at 4:30pm.

Diary of Death: 27 Nov - 3 Dec

Curated by Jack Shit!

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Race Matters

Sara Khan and Darren Lesaguis chat race, culture, representation, arts and current affairs with a range of guests.
White ghosts swirling around the word 'Spooko' on a dark background


Can't handle scary movies? Neither can ex-Arvos host Peach. To help him overcome his aversion, his former co-host Shag is talking him through the plots, the kills, the blood and the thrills of iconic horror films, one Wikipedia synopsis at a time.

Wax Lyrical

Wax Lyrical is an exploration of written works, found texts, songs with lyrics, poems with music.

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Gallery: School Strike 4 Climate 2021

The Backchat team attended the School Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday, May 21 2021.

Gallery: Free Palestine Nakba Day Rally 2021

The Backchat team attended the '#SaveSheikhJarrah, Free Palestine, Commemorate Al Nakba' protest on Saturday, May 15 2021.

Gallery: Aboriginal Deaths In Custody Rally 2021

Backchat photographer Christopher Hanna captured the 30th Anniversary of the Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody.