VIDEO PREMIERE: Wytchings builds the world of ‘Psamathe’ with entrancing visual diary ahead of EP release

‘Psamathe’ is a short film that acts as a prelude to Wytchings’ forthcoming EP of the same name. A stunning patchwork of visuals, personal commentary and celestial soundscapes that gives us an insight into the genesis of her new release.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lady Lash Shines Bright in ‘Love My Darkness’

An evening at a fairground: steeped in a kind of hopefulness for what’s ahead, and coloured by glimmering light. It’s a light that only glows in the context of the darkness surrounding it – the resounding message of Lady Lash’s latest offering ‘Love my Darkness’.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jannah Beth oozes divine beauty on ‘Who Am I To Judge’

A sincere and cathartic moment from an artist chronicling her journey and announcing her arrival.

VIDEO PREMIERE: True Vibenation & JamarzOnMarz put Sydney summer on show in video for ‘Solar’

Ignite your nostalgia for sunny summer arvos spent meandering through the Inner West.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Female Wizard reflects online anxieties in ‘Post-Rejection’

A collision of the minds of Female Wizard and Singaporean video artist Baben Shin, the video for ‘Post-Rejection’ is an information-age onslaught.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Too Birds takes no prisoners with ‘I’m The Peak’

Quickly backing up their sophomore album ‘Melbourne 2’, Too Birds delivers an epileptic cacophony of textures on their new video for ‘I’m The Peak’.

Repo Man - still from 'Deep' music video

VIDEO PREMIERE: Uproot yourself with Repo man’s ‘Deep’

Freaky deaky mind-bending ear-piercing noise rock from four local lads who aren’t afraid of squat.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys embrace the silly season in ‘All My Friends Are Dancers’

A tongue-in-cheek Christmas romp from Sydney’s favourite alt-country outfit.

VIDEO PREMIERE: RnB newcomer Gabby Nacua asserts herself on ‘Little Bit Shy’

A little bit shy, a lot bit stunning – meet Western Sydney’s next RnB queen, Gabby Nacua.

PREMIERE: Lil Spacely & co. hit harder than ever on ‘Bang My Line’

One of West Syd’s premiere MC’s recruits his crew for one of his biggest heaters yet.