Soundcheck: August 22 – 28

Need a live music fix? Catch Night Diver, Gemma Navarrete, Dante Knows, Sex on Toast + more in Sydney and surrounds this week!

MUNGMUNG chats gut feelings and Live from the Lab

Amidst the sparkle of National Science Week, clinical psychologist Dr. Caitlin Cowan and chemist Dr. Alice Motion have joined forces with hyperpop and R&B artist MUNGMUNG for Live from the Lab.

cookii break down their sound and alias on Mornings with Louisa Thurn

You’ll be familiar with cookii’s music even if you haven’t heard it before. Bright, brash, and bubblegummy, it’s the sound of all the pop culture you grew up with.

Collapsing in sunbeams with Arlo Parks on Arvos with Grace and Al

Following her radiant debut ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams’, Arlo Parks made her first trip to our shores, chatting world stages, lightning bolts, Dream Fuel and wholesome comment sections with Grace and Al on Friday Arvos.

Independent Artist of the Week: Lottie World

Lottie World presents a unique flavour of low-fi bedroom pop with her debut record ‘My Pop Album’. The release delivers on its name with introspective and witty lyrics accompanying bright and playful instrumentation.

Jeshi chats concept albums and his stunning debut ‘Universal Credit’

On his debut album, North London rapper Jeshi combines smooth, low end heavy beats with dreamy synths to complement his hard hitting, rhythmic vocal delivery. He sat down with Bri Kennedy on Arvos to talk through the creation and release of ‘Universal Credit’

Soundcheck: August 8 – 14

Need a live music fix? Catch Arlo Parks, HOON, Jet City Sports Club, Bec Sandridge + more in Sydney and surrounds this week!

HAAi chats her new album, embracing her shoegaze origins and collaborating with neighbours

HAAi’s debut solo album is a fast-paced sonic journey littered with quick cuts, ethereal vocals and hypnotic beats. She stopped by the FBi Radio studios to chat with Maia Bilyk on mornings about the release of ‘Baby, We’re Ascending’ and how she stumbled into the world of electronic music.

Independent Artist of the Week: Kavi

From over-the-top and unapologetic 2000s pop music, to gritty, rhythmic electronic dance music, our Independent Artist of the Week Kavi will take you on an electrifying cosmic ride through the familiar feelings and phases of having a crush.

Soundcheck: August 1 – 7

Need a live music fix? Catch Bocconcini, The Pinheads, Party Dozen, Angela Rose + more in Sydney and surrounds this week!