Independent Artist of the Week: Aloe Vera

Once again the fresh air of the Northern Beaches brings forth the musical goods: Aloe Vera (aka Harry Barwell) is bedroom pop perfection.

Soundcheck: March 22 – March 28

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A Middle Kids homecoming on Jack Off with Jack Shit

From Iceland Airwaves to their northern Sydney nest, Jack Shit journeys through the history of one of Sydney’s best musical exports.

Mahalia vs. the green-eyed monster on Arvos with Latifa Tee

The prolific UK RnB queen spoke to Latifa Tee about reclaiming the term ‘jealousy’.

Camille Feghali pushes boundaries with fusion of electronica and Lebanese classical music

In an act of self-preservation of his culture and his history, Feghali has combined the driving beats of EDM and electronica with the stirring classical scales of traditional Lebanese music.

Independent Artist of the Week: Doe Ramada

Doe Ramada comes armed with a sleek genre-bending tune for every occasion.

Mere Women chat obsessive love, mystic tapestries and ‘Romantic Notions’

Mere Women’s Amy Wilson talks riverside cottages, evening swims, wine, astrology and mystic tapestries, to mark the release of their latest album, ‘Romantic Notions’.

Finding her groove: Watch Becca Hatch on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

Our long-time love spills on finding her groove, injecting her essence into all that she does & the woman in music she’s currently fangirl-ing over.

Independent Artist of the Week: romæo

If you’re an appreciator of avant-garde crusaders like FKA twigs and the youthfulness of Mallrat, you’ll be a willing romæo addict.

Soundcheck: March 8 – March 14

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