VIDEO PREMIERE: Sing Leaf goes easy on the eyes and ears with ‘Easy On You’

A “Disney, sci-fi alien landscape vision” that never takes life, music or art too seriously, step inside Sing Leaf’s funny little musical world.

Independent Artist of the Week: Arafura

Furious, cathartic, brutal and simply beautiful.

PREMIERE: Unflinching and uncompromising, DRMNGNOW is ‘Never Defeated’

Speaking to this moment and capturing its context, ‘Never Defeated’ is a study of so-called Australia’s ugly history.

PREMIERE: It’s time for the witching hour on Wytchings’ ‘Viet Drift’

Complex, thought-provoking and introspective, Wytchings’ abilities are hauntingly beautiful and unparallel.

PREMIERE: Behind You spiral down the rabbit hole on ‘More Like Flesh’

Equal parts concerning and cathartic, Behind You reflect the horrors of our dystopian information age.

Independent Artist of the Week: Acopia

Stunning dance music to be enjoyed either under the stars, or in complete solitude.

Independent Artist of the Week: Setwun

Sydney-based musician and DJ Setwun comes into his own with a newfound comfort and freedom in his abilities.

Independent Artist of the Week: Kween G

Provocative, unflinching and authentic, Kween G delivers a fearless statement with Kibone.

PREMIERE: Optimism is the name of the game on Neighbourhood Void’s ‘Recovery’

Hesitant but hopeful, NV declare that they reckon we’re gonna be ok.

Independent Artist of the Week: Concrete Lawn

Relentless Sydney punk music as rhythmic and ferocious as it is anti-oppresive.