VIDEO PREMIERE: Wytchings builds the world of ‘Psamathe’ with entrancing visual diary ahead of EP release

November 15th 2022

‘Psamathe’ is a short film that acts as a prelude to Wytchings’ forthcoming EP of the same name. A stunning patchwork of visuals, personal commentary and celestial soundscapes that gives us an insight into the genesis of her new release. The visual diary has an intimacy reminiscent of a friend spilling their heart to you over the phone.

Handheld footage of joyrides in shopping trolleys and time spent with friends is interspersed with hypercolour arcade games, digital aquariums, warped imagery with animated overlays and Wytchings receiving scans from an MRI machine. This assemblage of imagery offers a figurative – and literal – look into the mind of Wytchings and the everyday experiences that inform her otherworldly practice. 

“Looking back on it, it felt like a supercut of treasured memories — footage of my friends and I goofing around, watching the skies change colours… It reminded me a lot of what I’ve been trying to convey with ‘Psamathe’ — and with ‘Neptune’ and ‘Oculus’ as a whole.”

These visuals are held together by a stream of consciousness phone memo. Wytchings speaks to us as if she’s leaving a detailed voicemail, updating us on her life, reflecting on formative, sometimes painful and unjust life experiences and interrogating the origins of her artistic output. Ultimately Wytchings lands upon ‘Psamathe’ – Neptune’s most distant moon – with a sense of resolve, transcendent love and optimism.

“Creating ‘Psamathe’ broke and mended my heart all at once”

Wytchings’ truly unique and enchanting music is the foundation that all of the film’s elements sit on top of. A sonic aurora which blooms and retracts between sentences, explaining and alluding to all of the elements that lead up to the composition and release of ‘Psamathe’. A body of work which fittingly brings Wytchings’ ‘Neptune Trilogy’ to a close and notably features ‘Fata Morgana’ – a track that was nominated in the Song of The Year category at the 2022 FBi SMAC Awards .

Watch the full visual diary below and keep an ear out for the Psamathe EP which arrives on Friday November 18.

“It was made with love and power that transcends any black hole”


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