VIDEO PREMIERE: Uproot yourself with Repo man’s ‘Deep’

April 15th 2021

Repo Man - still from 'Deep' music video

Say ‘see ya’ to reality with 4 minutes and 27 seconds of total surrealism on Repo man’s new video for ‘Deep’.

Repo man – aka a Syd-based noise rock four piece comprising Oliver Clarke (drums), Jack Bennett (bass), Darcy Bennett (guitar), Jared Borkowski ( keys) and Joshua Duffy (vocals) – know no fear. In their latest video ‘Deep’, premiering today ahead of their debut LP drop tomorrow, Repo man have comfortably planted their feet in a dark and twisty musical zone far removed from reality, meaning and light.

The video is a manic pastiche of lo-fi VHS-esque clips of the band in action, surreal art pieces and grizzly teeth-baring shots of lead vocalist Duffy. Raucous synths and guitars afford a soundtrack-like quality, as tense and ominous as anything in your Netflix ‘thriller’ category.

“Created by Mitch Farkas, [the video] captures the profound feelings of misunderstood alienation and misery, through a surreal vision to form an alternate realm of disassociated freedom teetering on the brink of sanity.”

Mind-bending, ear-piercing and devoid of discernible optimism (what might be considered a hook in any more conventional song sees Duffy repetitively lamenting, “Boy oh boy/where is love?”) – Repo man have proven their sheer fearlessness to be an exciting tool in their musical belt.

Watch the video for Repo man’s ‘Deep’ ahead of their debut album drop on April 16.

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