VIDEO PREMIERE: Jannah Beth oozes divine beauty on ‘Who Am I To Judge’

November 11th 2021

Photo: Michelle Petris

Prolific Eora creative Jannah Beth pulls together quite the crew for a very special live rendition of her EP opener ‘Who Am I To Judge’. The video premieres right here on

The video for ‘Who Am I To Judge’ is a true labour of love courtesy of Jannah Beth and her community. Filmed at Studios 301, Jannah calls on the immense vocal talent of Maxine Champion, Ines Maldalena Esteves-Ferreira, Rebekah Jensen, Doug Williams and Josue Vilches to elevate her track into a higher realm.

Donning a Joanne-esque hat green-screen’ed with hypnotic imagery of clouds, stars and storms, Jannah Beth commands the room. Any keen ear can clock that the group’s glossy harmonies evoke gospel, as per Jannah’s description of the track’s roots:

‘Who Am I To Judge’ is the story of defining moments in my life from childhood to adulthood, musically I drew inspiration from growing up in Church, where I first started singing. It’s not for everyone, but it’s not mean’t to be – this song is sincere, vulnerable & cathartic. I believe it will reach who it needs to, others who may have had similar experiences to mine.

Sincere, vulnerable and cathartic it is – there’s an innate beauty in watching the band come together to be much greater than the sum of its parts. Watch the video for Jannah Beth’s ‘Who Am I To Judge’ below.

Jannah Beth’s debut EP ‘Product of a Dreamer’ is available now to stream & purchase.


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