VIDEO PREMIERE: Lady Lash Shines Bright in ‘Love My Darkness’

February 21st 2022

An evening at a fairground: steeped in a kind of hopefulness for what’s ahead, and coloured by glimmering light. It’s a light that only glows in the context of the darkness surrounding it – the resounding message of Lady Lash‘s latest offering ‘Love my Darkness‘. Today she premiered a beautiful and commanding video to accompany the song.

Lady Lash is a force. Her music is an experience soaked in sultry vocals, rhymes, and her haunting sonic sequences that build an intoxicating ambience. It’s rich, dark and powerful, and it’s a presence she brings to her visual projects as well as her sonic ones.

About ‘Love My Darkness’ Lady Lash said:

“[The song is] about loving someone so deeply and then letting go, remembering the good times and then releasing them into the ethereal realms as it’s no longer working. The music clip portrays the internal struggle of the soul and then freeing yourself with your Sisters, you are worthy and your are colourful in anyway you step. Magic woman, wild woman.”

Explore the darkness below:

‘Love My Darkness’ is part of the psychological journey through dark and light explored in Lady Lash’s newest record ‘Spiritual Misfit’. Can’t get enough of Lady Lash? Stream the album below.


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