VIDEO PREMIERE: Female Wizard reflects online anxieties in ‘Post-Rejection’

August 20th 2021

Photo: Alexander Powers

Naarm/Melbourne electronic producer Female Wizard drops another teaser for her upcoming debut record ‘TIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIME’. The video for the latest single ‘Post-Rejection’ premieres right here on

A stalwart of her local dance music scene, the Female Wizard project emerged after a shift away from house music DJing evolved into the frenetic, anxious and mind-altering production that FW is revered for today.

Arriving at a time fraught with discourse about what it means to be chronically online, latest single ‘Post-Rejection’ explores the human experience in an increasingly hostile world. It’s appropriately tense, trippy and challenging, while simultaneously maintaining a comical edge.

The video for ‘Post-Rejection’ is a masterclass in video artist Baben Shin‘s world-building. It’s a 5 minute 43 second odyssey earmarked by Shin’s expert ability to flirt with the lines between reality and parody. Here, Female Wizard and Baben Shin make a perfect pairing.

Dense but rewarding for those who dare take the journey, sink your teeth into Female Wizard’s ‘Post-Rejection’ below.

‘TIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIE-EE-YIME’ by Female Wizard is out September 3 via Heavy Machinery Records.


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