Emilie Carmona

Premiere: ALTA give us the perfect tune to crydance to with ‘Figured Out’

Note from ALTA: Keep your club jams as easy to move to as they are to reflect to.

Albert Hammond Jr: in 2018 if it’s no good live, it’s no good.

Fresh off a Splendour In The Grass set, Albert Hammond Jr joined Chris Twite for a chat and a touch of guest programming, showing listeners the songs that helped him rediscover his love of music.

Mojo Juju talks identity, Native Tongue and growing up with Pauline Hanson

Public service announcement: Mojo Juju is no longer playing nice when it comes to saying what she means.

DISPOSSESSED on the resurgence of politics in music and what W.A.R. is good for

Before their headline show at the Fundraiser for W.A.R, Jarrod and Jacob from Dispossessed came through for a politically-charged chat with Darren Lesaguis.

Jack River speaks on process, side-projects, and pirate names

“I feel like in my life, with anything I do, I can’t put something out there that doesn’t have hope. It has to seek change.”

Electric Fields blur the line between electronic music & Indigenous culture

“We play tennis with English and Anumu language. I get to be the Venus Williams of English and he gets to be the Serena Williams of Anumu language.”

Premiere: Ainsley Farrell soars with new single & visuals for ‘Walls’

Premiering on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis, California-born, Sydney-grown folk rocker Ainsley Farrell has shared her first release of 2018, with playful visuals filmed at her Grandma’s place.

Camp Cope: “It’s our duty to call out inequality and lift as we climb.”

Georgia and Kelly of Camp Cope dropped by on Mornings for a heart-to-heart with Lucy Smith, chatting activism, diversity in the music industry and how they handle heckling bros at their shows.

Kehlani talks humble beginnings, Cardi B & breaking out of the R’n’B box

Celebrating her 23rd birthday on tour, right off the back of appearing at Coachella, Kehlani opened up about her past, present, and future.