Electric Fields blur the line between electronic music & Indigenous culture

June 4th 2018

  • Electric Fields :: Interview on Agenda

Ahead of their Sydney Opera House performance for Vivid, Electric Fields told Agenda how expressing emotion through two languages shattered their creative blocks.

Electric Fields is the musical enigma of Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross, exploring a stunning, lesser-charted sonic territory; the Indigenous language of Ananu, soulful vocals and electronic pop production. Riding a wave of national love from their debut EP INMA, they’ve also teamed up with Touch Sensitive for the disco-tinged ‘No Other High’.

The duo chatted with Agenda‘s Katie Winten and Tanya Ali about their unique use of language in music and the limitations Fielding encountered when writing solely in English.

“I’m happy that in Electric Fields we can have English and Anumu language come together in equal. This language isn’t more powerful than mine, I have a system that I come from and I was robbed of it – and we only work with what we have, but we’re happy with it.”

When questioned on his androgynous vocal style, Fielding shared that he’s never resonated with the labels the modern world places on him.

“I just switch off when people try to label things. I’m just like whatever, just let me live.”

Ross added, “We have a little motto, it’s ‘bypass the barriers.’ When you bypass the barriers, you just fly over the top of them and say, ‘Babe, I don’t need to break your rules because they don’t apply.'”

The pair also shared their perspective on the upcoming 51st anniversary of the 1967 Aboriginal Census inclusion referendum, and where they believe we stand today.

“It’s a giant uphill battle to find a way to equality, the truth and respect. I think it’s intensely special and positive to see original Australian culture and current day culture actually in harmony. With all the truth on the table and for that to be woven into a beautiful, colourful tapestry of harmony is a very positive perspective, and it’s certainly our hope for what Australia could look like one day.”

Hear the full interview above, plus a unique experience on reality TV and memorable live music moments.


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