DISPOSSESSED on the resurgence of politics in music and what W.A.R. is good for

July 13th 2018


  • DISPOSSESSED :: Interview with Darren Lesaguis on Arvos

DISPOSSESSED make visceral, unapologetic, hard-hitting punk music and they’re hitting the stage for the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (W.A.R) fundraising event, alongside Coward Punch, Canine, and Alison Gallagher. It’ll raise funds for those struggling with legal fees following arrests at the Commonwealth Games protests.

Jarrod and Jacob from Sydney metal band Dispossessed, came in to have a chat with Darren, and spoke up on the bands and artists they see doing important things for Indigenous people in Australia in metal, hardcore and punk.

“We’ve got enough people singing about oceans and ex-girlfriends playing in types of music that originated in political resistance. It’s good to see a resurgence with people returning to that [political] root of the music.” 

So, what can non-Indigenous Australians do to support First Peoples?

“For the most part, all they really can do is sit back and listen. I mean, while there’s still young brothers and sisters getting locked up for things a white kid would not even get a written warning for, deaths in custody, while the people in power continue to disregard and not care about that, there’s only so much the general public can do.”

Listen to the full convo above as Jarrod and Jacob get real about the Commonwealth Games, W.A.R. and about what the media gets wrong when it comes to covering Indigenous protest.

WHO: Dispossessed, Coward Punch, Canine, Alison Gallagher
WHAT: Fundraiser for W.A.R
WHEN: Friday 13th of July
Where: Marrickville Bowls Club


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