Premiere: Ainsley Farrell soars with new single & visuals for ‘Walls’

May 30th 2018

Premiering on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis, California-born, Sydney-grown folk rocker Ainsley Farrell has shared her first release of 2018. See the playful visuals filmed at her Grandma’s place.

Following on from her 2017 EP ‘Dark Hours’, the former Indie Artist of the Week explores the lines between dependence and independence in her latest output ‘Walls’. Reflecting on the writing process, she casts her mind back to the beginning of it all:

“’Walls’ came to me during a period when I was feeling stuck. I was thinking a lot about how I got to this point and if I’ve stayed true to my younger self. It was a lot of looking back at what I’ve given up to get to here and wondering if it’s all been worth it.”

Through powerful vocals and introspective lyrics, ‘Walls’ aches golden melancholy, tinged with Farrell’s signature folky Americana sound. Paired with self-directed and edited visuals, it’s tender, captivating and a little tongue in cheek. See the clip here first, before the track’s official release. Filmed at her grandparents’ eclectic house in Ohio, it comes complete with some of the best wallpapered walls we’ve ever seen, and some cute craft courtesy of Farrell’s mum.

“The house was built in 1839 on a land grant from the president. My grandma put up all this great wallpaper when her and my grandpa moved in 1978, and each room has a theme: the cat room, bear room, yellow room, blue room. My mom used to make her own stuffed animals there when she was little – the smiley face and blue mouse are her handy work.”

Take a trip to Farrell’s grandparents’ place, below.

‘Walls’ by Ainsley Farrell is out Friday June 1.


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