John Safran on growing up, Reclaim Australia and anti-semitism

John Safran sits down to talk everything from his early childhood to his latest adventures with Aussie extremists.

A Long Time Coming: The Long Paddock

Prepare to get muddy, as Curator Joni Taylor takes us from the gallery to deep bush on-site at The Long Paddock exhibition in Wagga Wagga.

The Hanging: Looking at Me Through You

Don’t miss Campbelltown Arts Centre’s complex, compelling new exhibition; a letter to Campbelltown from some of Sydney’s most interesting young artists.

book club

Turning the page on two years of FBi‘s Book Club

In two years, we’ve featured works by 13 women and 10 men; 15 novels, four works of non-fiction, three short story collections, and one book of poetry.


Review: Dark Mofo & Silence

Dark Mofo calls us to shut our mouths, even if just for a moment, and listen. Jess Hamilton explores ‘silence’, the theme of this year’s festival.

Backchat Discusses: What to think about Finkel

The Finkel Review into Australia’s clean energy policy is not likely to make our climate that much Fin-cooler. Backchat spoke to clean energy analytics & communications consultant Ketan Joshi, about why this topic is at a gridlock.

Warren Fu On Making Music Videos For Daft Punk, Weezer & The Strokes

The brains behind some of your favourite film clips talks the difference between working on feature films and music videos, and how he wound up creating a Star Wars character for George Lucas.

Janet Laurence: the significance of art and the environment

Internationally renowned artist, Janet Laurence, discusses her continuing fascination with the biotic world and what it’s like to be the subject of an award-winning Archibald portrait.

Holly Williams on Conjuring Future Worlds

Holly Williams chats with Canvas: Art & Ideas about how models are used to experiment, prophesise and create new worlds.

The Hanging: Shadows are cast by things and people

Putting together the pieces at the Australian Centre for Photography’s latest exhibition.