VIDEO: Jamie Lee Curtis, body-swapping and career pivots

THE Jamie Lee Curtis if you can believe it chats to Jack and André in stack-formation. Wild.

We All Know What’s Happening at Campbelltown Arts Centre

Set against a backdrop of handmade costumes and colonialism, We All Know What’s Happening is an absurd, true story about Leonardo da Vinci, seagull poo, the Pacific and children in detention.

Cinema Greats on the Future of Indigenous Film

To celebrate 25 years of Indigenous filmmaking at Screen Australia Carriageworks hosted some of cinema’s best-known Indigenous filmmakers. Jack and André caught up with a few of the biggest stars.

Sam Simmons, fatherhood and the Radical Women of Latin American Art

The slightly absurd Sam Simmons yacks about his Yack Festival show ‘The Radical Women of Latin American Art, 1960-1985’ and whether or not you should procreate. 

Creative Crush: Amrita Hepi

Motorbikes, snowfields and giant inflatables, Amrita Hepi has danced with them all.

Singing the stars, and tricking your brain to feel pain

The Constellations maps moments where science and art converge.

Ash Berdebes on Outsmarting Your Smartphone

Were you so enthralled by this wonderful copy that while scrolling it you hit a tree on your bike, ruining the bike and your phone, before undertaking a research rampage on the effects of tech addiction? Ash Berdebes did too! And then she made a workshop about it.

Creative Crush: Shireen Taweel

Through her copper works, Shireen explores her experiences of being an Australian Muslim of Lebanese decent, and shares ideas of cultural exchange, sacred space and cultural hybridity.

Feature films on microbudgets: Imogen McCluskey on her debut Suburban Wildlife

Resident filmlordes Jack and André chat with local filmmaker Imogen McCluskey about her ambitious micro-budget feature film debut ‘Suburban Wildlife’.

Dramaturg Alana Valentine on Bangarra’s Dark Emu

Alana lets Lucy in on how to turn a history-changing work of non-fiction into a powerful dance experience, and also on what a dramaturg is actually.