Review: Mdou Moctar will put you in a trance

Eyes shut, jaw clenched, head raised – Mahamadou Souleymane, otherwise known as Mdou Moctar, basques in the swirling lights that dance across the Sydney Opera House’s Utzon Room, an intimate space built with acoustics in mind, intensifying any live performance. It feels almost sacred.

FBi Radio 2022 Mixtape

Our presenters brought you the best music 2022 had to offer. Before we fully dive into the new year, we wanted to look back on the songs that brought up here. On this mixtape, the hosts of The Snacc Pacc, Spin the Bottle, Wednesday Sunset and Tuesday Mornings will take you through their favourite songs of 2022. 

FBi Monthly Mixtape #011

While it feels like the year is basically over, we all know its really not quite done, at least not until you get your Spotify Wrapped. Allow the hosts of 10 Foot Heavy, Saturday Sunset and Monday Arvos bring you the best tracks from this month to squeeze last-minute into your 2022 rotation.

FBi Monthly Mixtape #010

Six planets, including Mercury, were in retrograde in September. But astrologers say retrograde is actually a great to take stock of what’s happening in the world relative to where we’re standing. So let’s take stock of what the FBi Radio airwaves sounded like last month according to Peter Hollo, Kristelle, Kana Frazer and Andy Garvey.

FBi Monthly Mixtape #009

From hybrid vaporwave to indie folk, IDM to New York hip-hop — allow our presenters to ease you into the warmer weather by looking back on the sounds that got us through winter.

FBi Monthly Mixtape #008

Happy July! While everyone has been finding themselves in Europe, FBi’s specialist presenters have been toiling away finding the very best new music for your ears. This Monthly Mixtape’s got selections from the folks behind Race Matters and Tuesday Lunch as well as new kids on the block, Tall Pop. 

Review: Land Abounds

Combining the natural and synthetic, ‘Land Abounds’ highlights the conversation between contemporary art and tradition. Victoria Hall went to the exhibition and gave us her thoughts.

FBi Monthly Mixtape #007

June is weird. The financial year draws to a close, the days become shorter, and we somehow find ourselves on the tail end of 2022 already. One thing remains constant however: the calibre of music airing on FBi Radio’s specialist programs. This is our June Monthly Mixtape.

Review: Skeleten’s Vivid Live show was almost too beautiful

Earlier this month electro wizard and multi-instrumentalist Skeleten brought a live band and visions of a sonic utopia to the Sydney Opera House’s studio room. We sent along Maria Dimitrakas to get amongst the Vivid Live action.

HTRK at Vivid Live 2022 photographed by Prudence Upton

Glitter than this: A review of HTRK at the Sydney Opera House

“I was curious how this tender kind of introspective, hyperpersonal, and emotional music would translate into a public listening setting at the Opera House. After all, what does it feel like to play and/or hear ‘lockdown’ music in a room full of people?”