FBi Monthly Mixtape #011

November 30th 2022

A freaking ton of brand new m*sic dropped this November, and while it feels like the year is basically over, we all know its really not quite done, at least not until you get your Spotify Wrapped. Allow the hosts of 10 Foot Heavy, Saturday Sunset and Monday Arvos to bring you the best tracks from this month to squeeze last-minute into your 2022 rotation.

Rina Evangeline, host of 10 Foot Heavy

Karmel Jäger – Rave Cave

Local artist Karmel Jäger’s productions have been a staple of 10 Foot Heavy since the show kicked off, and her latest EP The Moon Becomes the Sun (out via Irish label Choko Biki) is a testament to why. The three tracks come spiked with uniquely flavoured breaks – my personal favourite Rave Cave throws down finely chopped drums between a rolling acid line. Perfectly suited to a small, dark, and sweaty space packed with smiling faces.


In stark contrast to Jäger’s track, this cut from Naarm duo 6 SENSE is begging to be blasted on the biggest sound system possible. Stompy techno drums swirl in and out of iconic ravey piano stabs and hypnotic vocal slices; each layer flows almost weightlessly between each other before coming together to pack a huge punch of sweaty euphoria.

Deepa Alam, host of Saturday Sunset

Iti – Jalil

This drum-driven track is my pick for the summer. Coming straight out of one of Meanjin’s hottest exports, co-founder of both Pocketmoth Records and South Asian creative collective Kerfew, it’s one for the diaspora kids and a very hot (spicy) girl summer. I’m a sucker for lush pads and an introspective twist in any dancefloor heater.

Scruffs – We Outside Now

I’ve been waiting for years for Scruff’s debut EP and wow, what a gift; it feels like a warm hug in the sun or walking to the park on a Sunday arvo. This entire collection of songs feels reminiscent of their older work from Tartlet Records; so cheeky and intimate, and the collaborations are such sweet works between friends. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but a special mention goes to ‘Moe and Benski (Interlude)’ and ‘Seventy One Shit.’ Was very touched when Mohi sent through the working tracklist and saw ‘Party at Justin Street or Deepa’s’ and was even more touched when I heard the song and thought about the musical spaces we interacted in that got me through lockdown.

Bri Kennedy, host of Monday Arvos

Nia Archives – Baianá

This is a track for the summer. I just love how big it is. Having already heard C.Frim play it at a festival (cc: Daybreak down in Naarm) I know it’s just as impressive in your headphones as it is in a heaving crowd. There’s lots of attention on jungle right now, and I hope it is here to stay because I have a lot of love for this very UK sound.

700 Feel – 4 Ya Kiss

I’m obsessed with the chopped and screwed energy of this one… It’s bassy and spacious and keeps you on your toes. The western Syd based duo put out this two track EP ‘4 Ya Kiss / 4 Ya Bliss’ out not too long ago, and after being incredibly blown away by their self titled debut album in 2020 I’m eagerly awaiting anything and everything that comes from them. I recommend going for a drive and putting this track on, windows down, volume up.


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