Michelle Law chats her body-swap comedy ‘Top Coat’

Michelle Law a comedian and playwright. Her new play Top Coat follows the chaotic consequences of a Chinese-Australian manicurist switching bodies with a white, latte sipping, TV executive. Michelle stopped by FBi Radio last Wednesday to chat all about it.

Wet Leg talk facing their fears, intimate gigs and famous fans

Isle of Wight two-piece Wet Leg are taking the world by storm. From picking their band name through random emoji combinations in 2019, to now playing Glastonbury and making their way to Australia for Splendour in the Grass, their meteoric rise doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Honest, profound and certain: Tasman Keith on his stunning debut LP ‘A Colour Undone’

In many ways, ‘A Colour Undone’ parallels the interview Tasman gave. He masterfully straddles the line of unfettered vulnerability and self-assurance while walking through the chronology of a life that’s felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows all at once.

Demon Derriere talks Big Thick Energy and putting on Lizzo’s Sydney Album Launch Party

Demon Derriere is a a queer, POC performance artist and the genius behind ‘Big Thick Energy’. She was also a nominee for Best Artist in last year’s FBi SMAC Awards! Lizzo and her team have handed her the reins to her Sydney Album Launch party.

Independent Artist of The Week: Doggie Heaven

Doggie Heaven are a two-piece from Meanjin (Brisbane). They’re bringing the dry grooves of post-punk and new wave into 2022, and they’re our Independent Artist of the Week.

Wytchings shares her journey into music-making and how she found her sound

Fear is not usually a word one would describe the music-making process, but it was this that pushed electronic artist Wytchings to find her sound. She joined Tanya Ali and talked all about community music programs and the safe spaces that it cultivates that impacted her artistry.

Body Type’s Cecil and Sophie chat their debut LP on Mornings 

Body Type have released their much-anticipated debut album Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising. Sophie and Cecil caught up with Ben Hansen on Mornings to talk all about the album, dining next to Nick Cave in LA, and playing a hometown show at Oxford Art Factory.

Sunday Dispatch: How American democracy failed abortion rights

On the Sunday Dispatch, Lindsay Riley talks with writers, activists and experts to better understand issues from all around the world. In this episode, he sat down with Margaret Kimberley, co-founder, executive editor and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report.

Independent Artist of the Week: Ashli

Ashli’s debut single Only One has been making waves since it was released in March of this year – Ashli called in to FBi to speak with Lill Scott on Up For It! about ‘Only One’, influences, and what’s next in her fledgling music career.

Soccer Mommy’s third LP ‘Sometimes, Forever’ is dark, eerie and distinctly hers

“It’s not abandoning the bedroom thing. I still write them in my bedroom, now I’m just doing some weirder stuff in the studio.” Soccer Mommy sat down with Maia Bilyk on Mornings to talk through her forthcoming album ‘Sometimes, Forever’ and the darker turn it takes.