FBi Radio 2022 Mixtape

January 3rd 2023

2022 birthed some truly excellent tunes, and our presenters brought you the best of the best. Before we fully dive into 2023, we wanted to look back on the songs that brought us here. On this mixtape, the hosts of The Snacc Pacc, Spin the Bottle, Wednesday Sunset and Tuesday Mornings will take you through their favourite songs of 2022.

Rebekah Manibog – cohost of The Snacc Pacc

Sailor Goon, Billymaree & A.Girl – Star Signs

If you want to Immerse yourself in ethereal sexual energy and experience pure ecstasy via the vocals of Western Sydney’s finest women, this track is for you. This phat collaboration, which was recorded two years ago, was finally released this year, and the whole vibe is pure magic. Every time I listen to it, I imagine myself in an enchanted forest with gorgeous nymphs talking about sex, relationships and passion. Sailor Goon, Billy Maree and A.Girl (Pasifika excellence BTW) are definitely the future of Australian RnB. ‘Star Signs’ is just a taste of what the Western Sydney girlies are all about, and I can’t wait to get more.

Johnny Lieu – cohost of Spin the Bottle

Burna – Nightfall

Boorloo/Perth artist Burna has been bubbling away at fun edits these past few years – you might’ve heard their Beyonce “Baby Boy” bootleg (a collaboration with fellow city legend Nora Zion) out in a club or a mix somewhere – but it’s all originals on their EP NightfallAn assemblage of fast and hard takes on dembow, UK funky and grime, the title track “Nightfall” crosses all those styles and is surely a mainstay for DJs in years to come.

INVT – La Lancha

Miami’s INVT have a seemingly endless sea of releases, experimenting with the connections they forge between UK styles like garage and dubstep, alongside cumbia, dembow and kuduro. It seems like a jumble to incorporate, but the duo pull it off in their EP M​Á​XIMA VELOCIDAD. Tracks like “La Lancha” have foundations in dubstep, which they grew up listening to, blended with Latin rhythms that pay homage to their roots. It’s that intersection that makes them such an exciting act to keep an eye on.

Kilimi – host of Wednesday Sunset

Pania & I.E – Dnt wanna rush

Chanel Loren – F4U

Freesouls – ABGz

Asia Mila & DJ Nino Brown – Paperchasin’

Louisa Thurn – host of Tuesday Mornings

Bayang (tha Bushranger) & Kuya Neil – NGL

I love this track so, so much. The videogame-loading-screen DnB prod (opposite of derogatory) by Narrm-based powerhouse Kuya Neil plus Bayang’s crunchy processed vocals is a dream. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m driving a shitbox car really fast along an endless digital highway in an endless, matrix green sky. I can’t drive, but that’s beside the point! Gonna bring my garden back to life <3

Bastiengoat – babygirl

Ok so I played this track when covering Rydeen and Johnny Lieu’s show, Spin The Bottle, but it’s still on FBi Radio so it still counts, baby! This track sends me into a frenzy. If I heard this full volume on a big system I think I would levitate. It’s filthy!!!! The vocal sample is so horny, when the breaks come in they’re so raw, it’s a peak time energy that deserves its moment. Bastiengoat forever and ever and ever.


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