Review: Skeleten’s Vivid Live show was almost too beautiful

June 20th 2022

Photo courtesy of Jordan Munns

Earlier this month electro wizard and multi-instrumentalist Skeleten brought a live band and visions of a sonic utopia to the Sydney Opera House’s studio room. We sent along Maria Dimitrakas to get amongst the Vivid Live action. As you will read below, the show did not disappoint. Here are Maria’s thoughts: 

I’ve been desperate to see a Skeleten live set for a while, so thanks to FBi Radio for making it happen!

I just want to start by saying that everyone at the gig looked super cool and stylish, and I rocked up in my Zebra pants like the third member of LMFAO. We had one thing in common however: we were all excited to see Sydney’s sweetheart Skeleten at arguably one of the most special venues we’ve got the Sydney Opera House. 

The visuals were so beautiful! Almost TOO beautiful! Like I didn’t want to be the girlie with her phone out all night but I’m glad I was. Skeleten has definitely cemented himself in this ethereal and technicolour aesthetic that almost feels a bit sci-fi, and I’m here for it. The projections complimented each song and honestly, they deserved to be on the big ol’ sails of the building.

I was really blown away with how well the songs translated to a live setting. They really had the whole shebang! Drums, guitar – you know the vibes. The band was a selection of familiar Sydney musos which was so nice to see. Shoutout to Hew from Baby Beef and FBi’s Sleepless In Sydney angel Marcus Whale. A highlight was when Skeleten said: 

“Let’s take it from the top! I’ve always wanted a band so I can say that!”

And you know what, dreams really do come true. 

Skeleten ended the set with his new single No Drones In the Afterlife and it was sing-a-long central. There was a collective energy in the air during that one. It was especially clear when I was scrolling through Insta on the way home to story after story of that moment. So sweet! 

My biggest gripe was that there wasn’t enough dancing! But it was a freezing cold weeknight so I’ll let it slide.

Overall, you know it’s a good show when you spot a friend every few minutes. It was a collection of hunnies and I loved every minute of it. It had the lot! Pretty colours, gloopy animations and most importantly, bangin tracks (lol). 5 stars, Skeleten!