Samantha Groth

Playmate: On The Border of Things

A talk, a bilingual performance piece, a video and an immersion into farm life – all in a small garage in Erskineville.

Benjamin Booker Interview: Finding Balance In Mexico

“I think the confrontation with just like death, and realising that everything is very temporary, that you can die at any time, really helps you to make the right decisions.”

Moses Sumney talks masculinity, vulnerability and the power of being emo

“When I can, I’ll play a venue that reflects how sacred music is to me, and a church seems to be the perfect place. The acoustics are great and people are terrified of speaking, so it works out.”

Playmate: ‘Thirty Three’ at The Old Fitz

It’s Saskia’s thirty-third birthday party, and you’re invited. This immersive play by Michael Booth has all the intensity of an interactive work, without you having to get involved.

Playmate: ‘This, This is Mine’ by The Corinthian Food Store

Samantha Groth doesn’t want to tell you about this play because it’s such a nice surprise. But she really, really wants you to see it.

Playmate: ‘HeySorryGottaGoBye’ at 107 Projects

‘HeySorryGottaGoBye’ explores the incredibly isolating narrative of social anxiety in a fresh, exciting and intimate way. Showing at Sydney Fringe Festival.

Playmate :: ‘Drift’ at ATYP Studio 1

See fresh, millennial voices using their own language in a legitimate form of art

Playmate: ‘Resident Alien’ at Reginald Theatre

Step into the bedroom of Quentin Crisp, a nude model, queer icon and agony aunt for those who detest chores and convention. Played by icon in his own right, Paul Capsis.

Playmate: ‘Howie The Rookie’ at The Old Fitz

‘Howie The Rookie’ takes you through a wild night of debauchery and bleak sex, told in the style of that person sitting at the bar that you don’t really want to talk to.

Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Dorsal Fins

Like any band ever? Chances are one of their members are in Dorsal Fins.