Playmate: ‘Thirty Three’ at The Old Fitz

September 28th 2016

Thirty Three

It’s someone else’s party, but I get the sense that crying is totally acceptable from all in attendance.

Welcome to Saskia’s thirty-third birthday. Take a seat right in the living room and watch as guests arrive, invited or otherwise. Sit next to the table they will soon set, eat from, snort off and fight across. Be there as egos, injuries and debaucherous motives take over.

‘Thirty Three’ is the first in a series of works set across the whole second floor of The Old Fitz. The play, written and directed by Michael Booth, fits perfectly in the space full of the nooks and crannies that become home to the subplots of the story.

The proximity to the action gives the play all the intensity of an interactive work, without you having to get involved. You play the fly on the wall, with the ability to tune in and out of the simultaneous narratives of the party’s attendants. Each audience member, like any party-goer, will have a unique experience as they gravitate towards particular characters, parts of the set, drama or comedy.

Go for a really fantastic set, and get to know Saskia’s terrible mates.

WHAT: Thirty Three
WHERE: The Old Fitz (Upstairs), 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo
WHEN: Until October 8
HOW MUCH: $25-30 from The Old Fitz


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