Unsigned Artist Of The Week :: Dorsal Fins

August 26th 2014


Like any band ever? Chances are one of their members are in Dorsal Fins.

Dorsal Fins are an at-times fifteen piece straight out of Melbourne. Their genre-spanning, electrifyingly fun music makes it pretty clear these guys are a bunch of musical genius, best friends ever. They have members from the likes of Eagle and The Worm (Jarrad Brown, Richard Bradbee, Liam McGorry), The Bamboos (Ella Thompson) and Saskwatch (Liam McGorry, Will Morrissey, Olaf Scott) to name just a few and their music is as big as the collective who create it.

In their unofficial response to Craig David’s ‘7 Days’, Dorsal Fins’ latest single, ‘Monday Tuesday’, is so gloriously poppy the rest of the week doesn’t even need to continue – a disappointing notion to all those hoping to be doing the business that comes around on Wednesday (am I right Craig 😉 ?).  It, like a vast majority of their other songs, is a straight-up synth fest with Ella Thompson’s consistently uplifting vocals, a spot of soaring jazz and the catchiest riffs on most blocks. I’m pretty sure the weather is getting better just so these guys can get played through the giant outdoor speakers they were meant to. Have a listen.

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