Playmate: ‘This, This is Mine’ by The Corinthian Food Store

September 16th 2016

This This Is Mine

I don’t want to tell you anything about this play except that you should go – because the whole experience is a really nice surprise. Unfortunately that’s not going to cut it, so read on if you need convincing.

There is wine/beer there.

Still need direction?

It starts out in fresh air with nice music and you just get to chill for a bit.

You can do that anywhere?

Yeah, but each run is limited to 16 tickets so you wont be crowded and you get to meet cool people who also like stories, plus you get to see a play at the end. It’s good.


Fine. There are two characters. Most of the play is a conversation between them in an inner city living room. Both actors are very good. They play people with depth that are likeable, vulnerable and flawed. They’ll both probably remind you of someone you know, or maybe yourself. It’ll be challenging to witness their conversation but it’ll also give you enough space to process as you go. You might not like them at times, but your time with them is intimate and you’ll learn a bit about your own hang ups.


You’re being a bit greedy now – but whatever, that’s one of the themes. The play is called This, This is Mine and it explores how humans create ownership of gender, race and space in the building of their identities. The real magic lies in the grey areas: what is right, what is kind, what is cruel, what is true, what is effective, what is rape, what is love, what is abandon, what is purpose?

That’s all I want to tell you, except to go see this play. Tickets are limited, so get them now. Take your mates so you have someone to dissect it with. Message me about it maybe?


WHAT: This, This is Mine
WHERE: 167 William St, Darlinghurst / 69 Johnson St, Annandale
WHEN: September 14-23 / September 24-25
HOW MUCH: $20 from Corinthian Food Store



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