Playmate: ‘HeySorryGottaGoBye’ at 107 Projects

September 15th 2016


“Hey, just flagging with you that I’m feeling pretty anxious tonight.”

“Yeah babe, that’s fine. No one expects you to do anything- just watch the play”.

This is a pretty generic conversation I had with my mate before watching HeySorryGottaGoBye on Tuesday. We’ve all had one similar, and anxiety is not really a new topic. But this Sydney Fringe show explores the incredibly isolating narrative of social anxiety in a fresh, exciting and intimate way.

Watching the play, you follow Wally through the tumultuous territory of a party where he doesn’t know too many people. But, like him, you’re not really there. You’re in his head.

A projector screen set takes you through his entirely altered reality. It’s intense, and easily overwhelming. The costuming, actor placement and digital props are pieced together perfectly. The scenery takes cues from the sweet-meets-gory, tripped out animations of the early millennium. Think Rocko’s Modern Life, Happy Tree Friends or Rick & Morty – with real people inhabiting the bodies, and dialogue matching all the banal social fears that occupy our private thoughts.

Head along to this one for a zeitgeist of 2016. Short, sharp and filled with references to modern life.

WHAT: HeySorryGottaGoBye by Claudia Osborn at Sydney Fringe Festival
WHERE: 107 Projects, 107 Redfern St
WHEN: Until September 16
HOW MUCH: $15/18 from 107 Projects



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