Mia Hull

Independent Artist of the Week: Gift Exchange

A twisted sense of magic seeps through the music of Sydney electronic trio Gift Exchange. It’s like a brooding storm cloud swirling with sounds ranging from punk to operatic. Comprised of vocalist Madison Scott, guitarist Jaime Krausmann and producer Eduardo Bianchino, the group is self proclaimed ‘witch-house/drag/goth’ outfit.

Independent Artist of the Week: LIL YOUNGINS

LIL YOUNGINS’ debut single ‘The Problem’ tackles the topic of youth crime -shifting the blame from Maningrida kids to the system that failed them. Members 808 Mello, DK and Tillo joined Lill Scott on Up For It! to talk through the track, their roots, and a J-MLLA collaboration. 

The songs that made Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin joined Mia Hull on Out of the Box to talk through the moments that defined her life and the songs that soundtracked them, including a one way trip to Bath, reaching radio stardom at six years old, hurdles, triumphs, and an Avril Lavigne song.

Embracing the unfamiliar with Sharon Van Etten on Up For It!

What does it take to nurture the home you always yearned for? This is the meditation on acclaimed singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten’s sixth album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong. She joined Maleeka Gazula on Up For It! to talk through the album ahead of her Sydney Opera House show.

e4444e talks drawing circles and normal music on Mornings with Maia Bilyk

Newcastle-based multi-instrumentalist e4444e chats accidentally making an album, departing from ‘normal’ music and eccentric influences

cookii break down their sound and alias on Mornings with Louisa Thurn

You’ll be familiar with cookii’s music even if you haven’t heard it before. Bright, brash, and bubblegummy, it’s the sound of all the pop culture you grew up with.

Honest, profound and certain: Tasman Keith on his stunning debut LP ‘A Colour Undone’

In many ways, ‘A Colour Undone’ parallels the interview Tasman gave. He masterfully straddles the line of unfettered vulnerability and self-assurance while walking through the chronology of a life that’s felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows all at once.

Soccer Mommy’s third LP ‘Sometimes, Forever’ is dark, eerie and distinctly hers

“It’s not abandoning the bedroom thing. I still write them in my bedroom, now I’m just doing some weirder stuff in the studio.” Soccer Mommy sat down with Maia Bilyk on Mornings to talk through her forthcoming album ‘Sometimes, Forever’ and the darker turn it takes.

King Stingray are making waves and riding them too: Interview with guitarist Roy Kellaway

Yolŋu surf-rock legends King Stingray have their feet on the ground and eyes set squarely ahead in spite of a meteoric 12 months. Founding member and guitarists Roy Kellaway caught up with Grace and Al on Arvos last week to talk through where King Stingray are from and where they’re heading. 

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lady Lash Shines Bright in ‘Love My Darkness’

An evening at a fairground: steeped in a kind of hopefulness for what’s ahead, and coloured by glimmering light. It’s a light that only glows in the context of the darkness surrounding it – the resounding message of Lady Lash’s latest offering ‘Love my Darkness’.