Conor Hughes

Independent Artist of the Week: Jazz NOBODI

Jazz NOBODI is busy. Busy with his own solo work, dropping an EP earlier this month; busy with Planet Vegeta, the group which began in 2018 with SVNO, Look Good and himself, and who are in the midst of recording a tape; and busy with 92Wrld, the umbrella collective which branches off into all manner of divergent lanes. And that’s not even all of it.

Master Peace gets personal with Tommy Codling

Co-signed by Frank Ocean, Elton John and Skepta, South London’s Master Peace has been meticulously carving his own lane.

Independent Artist of the Week: Black Dahlia

Creating sinister dance floor dimensions and gothic live shows filled with distorted vocals exploring vintage sexploitation and empowerment, Black Dahlia fuses disparate sounds and values with crisp sensibility.

Independent Artist of the Week: Sevy

The local up-and-comer flexes his range on upbeat afro-swing anthem ‘Chop It’.

The nourishing power of the music community: Watch imbi on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser

“It’s like support, it’s affirmation, it’s validation. It’s the antidote to imposter syndrome when you can sit around with other musicians and talk about your vulnerabilities.”

Mahalia vs. the green-eyed monster on Arvos with Latifa Tee

The prolific UK RnB queen spoke to Latifa Tee about reclaiming the term ‘jealousy’.

Independent Artist of the Week: Human Noise

Revel in the petty with punksters Human Noise.