The nourishing power of the music community: Watch imbi on Up For It with Courtney Ammenhauser

March 30th 2021

imbi has been bubbling away in the underground scene for a short while, knocking collaborations and solo projects out of the park with their dreamy and introspective songs centering on spirituality, gender identity and their experiences being queer.

Speaking to Courtney on Up For It, they spoke of embracing post-pandemic opportunities to connect with the local music community once again:

“[The music community] means everything, hey. It’s like support, it’s affirmation, it’s validation. It’s the antidote to imposter syndrome when you can sit around with other musicians and talk about your vulnerabilities in the scene of so-called Australia. “

Having been a voracious collaborator pre-pandemic, imbi’s first collab of 2021 saw them team up with Western Sydney duo Slim Set for ‘Heatsink’, a liquid drum and bass tune that’s an exciting excursion from imbi’s usual sound.

“I’m collaborating with a bunch of different artists at the moment. I’m trying really hard to concentrate mostly on collaborations this year…I realised this year how beautiful collaboration is and how mutually beneficial it is for all artists involved.”

Big and beautiful things coming soon, it appears! Watch imbi and Courtney’s full chat below (and stream ‘Heatsink’ while you’re at it!).

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