Independent Artist of the Week: Jazz NOBODI

September 22nd 2023

  • Jazz Nobodi :: on Arvos with Tommy Codling

Jazz NOBODI is busy. Busy with his own solo work, dropping an EP earlier this month; busy with Planet Vegeta, the group which began in 2018 with SVNO, Look Good and himself, and who are in the midst of recording a tape; and busy with 92Wrld, the umbrella collective which branches off into all manner of divergent lanes. And that’s not even all of it. Our Independent Artist of the Week this week, be swung by Arvos with Tommy Codling to talk about the things that keep him BUSY.

“92wrld is a monster, it’s a machine. We have 92music, which is us, we have 92grams which is based around cooking and food, we have 92 active. To stay on top of it we have to work on it together and working in sync.”

Jazz NOBODI ’s delivery style is character driven, much like ICECOLDBISHOP, even containing shades of Kendrick Lamar. But he doesn’t know how that style started.

“If you listen to the verses and you listen to the music, a lot of it is me just writing to myself. The characters are just me offloading my thoughts – it’s a form of therapy.”

With Jazz and the rest of the Planet Vegeta crew, food and music are interlinked.

“When we meet up for our backyard sessions in Maroubra, we also share food together. We break bread and then we just jam. We’re doing another XP session in October, which we’ll make public shortly.”

92Communities, which is run by Danii Mariner and which Jazz is involved in, is a chance to give back to Australian communities who may be excluded from traditional channels.

“We found a way to give back to the community off the back of our success. Through Danii we found an way to do this in the Northern Territory, 12 hours from Darwin. We take music programs, dance, health and fitness into these remote communities; right now we’re trying to get the internet better. And we do this off the back of ourselves, which we’re blessed to be able to do.”

Jazz also see’s FBi and what it does for local independent artists.

“It’s awesome that you support the local. There’s a lot of local artists that aren’t really getting that reach and FBi pushes them, big ups. FBi is the home radio.”

Stream Jazz NOBODI’s 92grams below, listen to his interview with Tommy up top, and keep an ear out for Planet Vegeta’s upcoming tape.


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