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Oneohtrix Point Never Builds Sound in the Space Between

On his latest LP Again, Daniel Lopatin examines his own musical memory from the familiar to the unknown. The artist joined Krishtie Mofazzal and Chuyi Wang on Deep Web on the day of his album’s release for a special episode dedicated to the Oneohtrix Point Never project.

Independent Artist of the Week: Sunnets

Sunnets are a brand new Sydney-based project that encapsulates the kind of sunny euphoria that could only be found after quitting a job whilst simultaneously beginning a new romantic relationship. Their debut EP Eucalyptus was born after a Hinge match and recorded during a 48 hour lock-in. They caught up with John Troughton on Up For It! to tell us all about their new record.

Cathartic and personal: Cable Ties chat ‘All Her Plans’ on Arvos with Jaimee Taylor-Nielsen

Cable Ties’ latest album All her Plans is a fast, powerful and raucous record. Jenny McKechnie and Shauna Boyle joined Jaimee Taylor-Nielsen on Arvos to break down songs from their new album and discuss the process of writing, recording and releasing them.

Jeshi chats concept albums and his stunning debut ‘Universal Credit’

On his debut album, North London rapper Jeshi combines smooth, low end heavy beats with dreamy synths to complement his hard hitting, rhythmic vocal delivery. He sat down with Bri Kennedy on Arvos to talk through the creation and release of ‘Universal Credit’

Tit Talks: How has queerness shaped your arts or music practice?

For our second instalment of Tit Talks at The Bearded Tit, Kilimi Aketi speaks to our four practising, queer artists about how queerness has shaped their arts or music practise.

Independent Artist of the Week: Jade Kenji

Jade Kenji is no stranger to the bustling hip hop scene in Sydney. After a string of features and collaborations with other artists, she has asserted herself as a solo artist on her latest single, ‘Tell Me the Time’.