Independent Artist of the Week: Sunnets

September 15th 2023

  • Sunnets :: On Up For It with John Troughton

Sunnets are a brand new Sydney-based project that encapsulates the kind of sunny euphoria that could only be found after quitting a job whilst simultaneously beginning a new romantic relationship. Freedom, optimism, time, love. The creative partnership between Seb Callum and Sasha Hart started from humble beginnings when they met on Hinge, and blossomed when Seb’s Macbook broke and Sasha came to the rescue with her laptop so that their debut EP Eucalyptus could be recorded. After a 48 hour lock-in at Seb’s home studio, Sunnets had crafted their debut EP Eucalyptus from beginning to end. Seb and Sasha caught up with John Troughton on Up For It! to tell us all about their new record.

Seb: “Yeah, so I’ve been working sort of a night job and I just decided to quit, I just couldn’t do it anymore. And I was just telling, I told friends and people that I was going to record a 48-hour EP just to lock myself in for that amount of time. And yeah, and they were just like, okay, whatever, cool. Low expectations.”

Eucalyptus is wholeheartedly DIY in ethos and lo-fi in feel. Seasick guitars spin around layers of percussion, building a lush texture that embraces and elevates all the small imperfections that come along with the DIY recording process. 

Sasha: “I mean, I’m not necessarily really musical myself, so it was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was just so random and so fun and I just, yeah, I really enjoyed it and it sounds really great.”

Lyrically, the EP is a collage of life musings and self reflection, voice notes and spoken word. It feels like a collage of internal dialogue, which reflects the process of making the EP.

Sasha: “So, a lot of it Seb sort of like cut up the lyrics in like a collage style. So, I had like a bunch of notes on my phone from voice memos that I sent a friend, which is where ‘tbh’ comes from. And then Seb kind of like cut it up and then we kind of orchestrated the track with the notes.”

Both Seb and Sasha confess that the record is wholeheartedly a Sydney one, gathering influence and inspiration from other local artists and the shows they put on. 

“Yeah, well, we go to like a lot of quite a few gigs with like local artists and stuff. So, it’s definitely inspiring to see that energy”.

Stream the short but ever so sweet EP Eucalyptus from Sunnets at the link below. 


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