Independent Artist of the Week: Jade Kenji

July 20th 2022

  • Jade Kenji :: Interview with Lill Scott

Jade Kenji is an artist fusing a deep love for old school hip hop with a new age sensibility informed by her journey as a creative from Sydney’s South West. Having already collaborated on projects with other artists embedded in Australia’s boom bap scene, Jade has finally released her powerful debut as a solo artist. We couldn’t be more excited that Jade is our Independent Artist of the Week. She popped into the studio with Lill Scott to chat about how she found the confidence to define herself as an artist and what it took to release her first solo track.

Jade made her presence known on the Australian music scene with the collaborative EP Maroyaka with beatmaker Kase Avila in 2021. She spoke about what going out on her own means that she now has to take in her stride.

“It means being brave, it means taking risks, I get to stay in my lane and make stuff that I really want with the people I really love.”

However, Jade’s journey to being a local independent powerhouse hasn’t always been easy. She explained how she came to music later on after figuring out that grinding it out at an office 9-5 just wasn’t going to work for her.

“I went to TAFE and thought you know what I’ve always wanted to do music. But having strict Asian parents who you know want you to be a doctor or a lawyer and all this stuff, I never considered it as an option.”

Although Jade is a musical force, she believes collaboration is integral to her strong work ethic. She told Lill working with other creatives fosters a positive workflow in the studio.

“Kase is like my fairy god bro. I’m so blessed to meet someone like him who really believes in me 100% and really pushes me and he’s like you need to be writing every week you can’t be taking 3 months to make a beat.”

Jade’s message of self-acceptance whilst defying societal pressures is not only found in her refined lyricism, but also in her story as an artist. It’s something we see in the way she inspires her listeners to chase their own creative identity.

“It just blows my mind that a little girl from frickin’ Bonnyrigg that just kept to herself and didn’t think that was the arts was an option. And then turned 30… It’s just mind blowing. And I just want to tell everybody that it’s never too late to be brave and follow your dreams so get it.”

Wanna hear her latest single for yourself? Stream it below or check out her interview with Lill Scott up top!



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