Song of the Year - presented by Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

When they came over the airwaves, which of these six bona fide bangers had you feverishly disrobe, jump out of your moving Uber and roll onto the nature strip yelling “TUUUUUNE”? All of them? Well you can only vote for one so maybe just choose the song that made you roll the furthest yeah?   


Moody Beach – Why Not

Moody Beach shines with her shoegaze dream-pop track ‘Why Not’. The droning synth melting into the background of ‘Why Not’ oozes over the track’s snaring drums and wispy vocals. The song sees Moody Beach explore an unfulfilled desire for someone who is off-limits and the trials of trying to stay composed despite your most primal instincts. Navigating grey areas, haze, and smoke, Moody Beach encapsulates the catharsis of someone desperately trying to hold their own tongue.

Photo courtesy of artist.

moktar – Silk

Marrying the worlds of Arabic percussion with underground techno, moktar’s ‘Silk’ sounds exactly like the title it’s been given. What lies beyond the track is the journey to finally being able to move comfortably within himself, physically and spiritually. With jittery rhythms and a fragmented driving melody, the sounds in this track make space for and speak to moktar’s innate storytelling instinct. ‘Silk’ is a celebration of identity that embraces moktar’s love for his Egyptian-Australian heritage – it’s a sound that’s completely his own.

Photo courtesy of artist.

B Wise – Ezinna (feat. Sampa the Great & Milan Ring)

‘Ezinna’ is a delicious slice from Liverpool rapper B Wise‘s latest album jamie, which takes a big sidestep from traditional rap bravado. It’s warm and upbeat, and it straddles the line between hip hop, pop and R&B. With features from Sampa the Great and Milan Ring, who offers the mellowest guitar line to tie the whole song together, it’s got layers of star factor folded in with thoughtful storytelling and smooth beats.

Photo courtesy of artist.

Becca Hatch – Please U (feat. Planet Vegeta)

Western Sydney powerhouse Becca Hatch’s ‘Please U’ feels like the sonic equivalent of looking at someone through rose-coloured glasses. Drawing inspiration from R&B and soul, Becca’s shimmering vocals paired with fellow Western Sydney rap trio Planet Vegeta meld into one of the catchiest tunes of 2021. Becca Hatch has hit her stride on this track, and she’s striding on something velvety and lush. 

Photo courtesy of artist.

Barkaa – King Brown

Malyangapa and Barkindji rapper Barkaa draws on self-love and shitty exes in her release, ‘King Brown’. With wit and sass at the forefront of the bossa nova-sparkled beat, the lyrics are a clear reminder to anyone going through it that putting your middle finger up at those who have hurt you may just do the trick. As a revenge track, ‘King Brown’ throws fuel into the fire, and we are absolutely loving the heat. 

Photo courtesy of artist.

1300 – No Caller ID

We hate an unknown number giving us a ring, but 1300’s hottest track, ‘No Caller ID’ will have you picking up over and over. Fusing the worlds of hip hop and electronic house, the Korean-Australian rap crew offers a grimy beat with flowing multi-lingual lyricism to match. Chaos is the exact dose they’re offering with this song, and we want to up our prescription. No cap. 

Photo courtesy of artist.