Best Video - Presented by Alizé

In a time where digital reigns supreme, these six artists pulled out all the stops to capture your YouTube scroll attention. Striking visuals, high concepts and scathing social commentary was the name of the game as music videos made a comeback in a big way. Which one caught your eye?


Shady Nasty – PRETTYB0YZ

‘PRETTYB0YZ’ (dir. Luca Watson & Harry Welsh) is a lurid, hazy offering from the forward-thinking post-punk trio Shady Nasty. The video is a collage of hyper-digital imagery, glitched-out shots of faceless flexing men, and slow shots of luxury interiors. ‘PRETTYB0YZ’ combines skittish percussion, whirring synths and muscular vocals; drawing us further into Shady Nasty’s world. Shady Nasty have been fixtures in Sydney’s music scene since their feature as FBi Radio’s Independent Artist of the Week in 2018. After hiatus from the stage, they’re set to play one of their biggest shows ever at the Sydney Festival in January 2022 – it’s sure to be a revelrous homecoming.

Photo courtesy of artist.

NGAIIRE – Closer

NGAIIRE‘s ‘Closer’ (dir. Adam Kiers) opens with a slow, intimate backlit shot of masked figures mirroring and intertwining hands before embracing. Strings give way to a warm, synth-led beat accompanying a troupe of matted, masked dancers moving angularly above ocean cliffs. The world of ‘Closer’ is both alien and familiar, gaudy and sincere. There’s an intense intimacy to the video, and to NGAIIRE’s vocals and lyrics – she repeats “don’t come here unless you love me like I do” as the dancers passionately embrace. ‘Closer’ is taken from NGAIIRE’s third album ‘3’, which was nominated for Best Soul/R&B Release and Breakthrough Artist – Release at the 2021 ARIA Music Awards. It also earned her a nomination for Best Artist.

Photo courtesy of artist.

Manu Crooks – Top (ft. BLESSED)

‘Top’ (dir. Maddy King) opens with a shot of the northern lights, then quickly pivots to distinctly Sydney scenes. Taken from Manu Crooks’ Mood Forever II EP, the video glows brightly – jittering hand-held closeups and vivid multicolour flashes showcase the bravado of the two Ghanaian-Australian artists. The video cuts between hazily-lit shots of Manu Crooks and BLESSED atop high-rises and driving through Sydney tunnels in a convertible, rapping straight down the camera about their successes and making it to the top. It’s one of many collaborations we’ve caught from the pair; both of whom have featured heavily on FBi. 

Photo courtesy of artist.

Indigo Sparke – Everything Everything

‘Everything Everything’ (dir. Mia Lethbridge) takes place entirely in a small bedroom. It’s a physical space that looks exactly like how Indigo Sparke’s music sounds – her soft, delicate voice, accompanied by atmospheric piano and strings, fill up a light, airy room. In the video, Indigo sways slowly and dances like no one is watching as she sings about heaven, grief, and nostalgia. The track is taken from her album Echo, released in February 2021 via Sacred Bones.

Photo courtesy Adrianne Lenker.

GLO – Transmute

‘Transmute’ (directed by Matthew Gode) drops us into the ethereal world of GLO, with dancers moving in an austere concrete room, bathed in soft, watery light. It’s the first solo single from the vocalist, songwriter and dancer, weaving sensual, smooth vocals with a groovy edge, dipping into hip hop, jazz and dancehall with rich electronic flourishes. The video opens with a subtle, forceful monologue, detailing the deep spiritual roots that connect GLO to her artistic practice. Her debut track ‘Self Love’ (made with her best friend Saskia) was FBi’s second most played track in 2019, and her first solo single ‘Transmute’ has seen similar love.

Photo courtesy of artist.

imbi x Slim Set – Heatsink

‘Heatsink’ (dir. Sonder and Slim Set) takes place in a video game world in which Slim Set’s Kal receives messages from DJ Atro as he searches Sydney train stations and alleyways to deliver a hard drive to vocalist and poet imbi. The video is full of cheeky nods to video game and streaming culture, with a heads-up display surrounding shots of Kal and a chatroom blows up in DJ Atro’s ‘stream’. It’s a track which artfully blends heavy drum ‘n’ bass breaks with imbi’s characteristically warm, personal vocals and Kal’s biting delivery. Both imbi and Slim Set have featured heavily on FBi Radio, including selections as Independent Artist of the Week in the past. The artists appeared together on stage at Golden Plains in 2020, and are beloved mainstays of the Sydney music scene.

Photo courtesy of artist(s).