Best Video

Although radio, being an inherently auditory medium, does not necessarily lend itself to video content (FBi x MTV collab when?) that hasn’t stopped us from diving deep into some of the most striking visuals, high concepts, playful edits, and clever homages. Which one caught your eye?

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SOLLYY, Zion Garcia – Apply the Pressure

It is the collaboration we all knew we needed, with the Western Sydney dynamic duo SOLLYY and Zion Garcia teaming up to produce the high energy club cut, Apply the Pressure. With fisheye perspectives, futuristic cars, and a miniature SOLLYY underneath a giant god-like head of Zion, the mish-mash of video styles is only matched by the varied musical influences of this power couple that make their distinctive and generation-defining sound. It’s also just a bit of fun. The transition between styles is effortless and culminates in something that is truly one of a kind.

Image courtesy of nominee

GLO – Certified Freak

The mesmerising haze of movement flowing across GLO’s video makes her roots in dance, movement direction, and choreography abundantly clear. There’s no looking away from the screen as GLO hypnotizes you, putting you under a love spell that you will never want to leave. The video is glowing with mystique and sensual enchantment. 90s R&B is the love language of this track whilst still dipping its toes into the ponds of related genres spanning from hip hop to dancehall. We’re hooked.

Image courtesy of nominee

Doris – Teeth

The animated world of Doris’ Teeth softens the heavy weight of their emotionally vulnerable lyricism and storytelling. Exploring the scary adventure that is opening up to another person to be seen as you are, warts and all. The shoegaze-cum-emo-folk sound of Teeth is clearly captured and given new life by the surreal animations created by bassist and vocalist Bronte Jenness, assisted by Liam Frew. There’s a nostalgia to the visuals that warm the listening experience of Doris, a feeling that much like the cartoon characters of our childhood, we must have grown up with them.

Image courtesy of nominee

Display Homes – Proofread

Display Homes was always an extension of the band’s friendship. In ways that couldn’t have been known when it was filmed, ‘Proofread’ is a perfect example of that. After the loss of member Darrell, everything the band had done took on new meaning. This video is some of the last time the band spent together, it’s effortless and yet powerfully imbued with love. The video opens with a phone camera capturing Darrell in band practice, with Owen egging him on to squeeze out his best take. Shot by their friend Luke Smith, we’re brought in to a live taping, an intimate portrayal of a band, comprised of moments that hold stories they’ll tell forever.

Image courtesy of nominee

BVT – Lalaki

The divine feminine and masculine are transcended in BVT’s debut mixtape, sitting comfy in her self-described tomboy tempo like a King on her throne. Her sovereignty is central and uncompromising throughout the hypnotic and cinematic video. The imagery acts as a springboard for the strong, hard-hitting beats and husky vocals of Bernie Van Tiel. Her Filipino culture is front and centre in body, mind and spirit. Decolonising oneself demands a kind of respect and reverence reserved for gods, and BVT can be described as nothing less.

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Babitha – Only Fair

The fantastical imagery and storytelling of Babitha’s highly anticipated single Only Fair, lifted from her debut album Brighter Side of Blue, enchants us into her world of alt-country sound and sultry vocals. The self-directed video creates enough distance between reality and fantasy to allow listeners to feel the pang of unrequited love with a sense of humour, playfulness and childlike curiosity. The heavy and soulful lyrics are softened by the cheeky and striking imagery of a fated love triangle between a fish, fisherman and cormorant. Sounds complicated.

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