Best Video - Presented by Alizé

In a time where digital reigns supreme, a video can sometimes make you fall a little more in love with the music. Striking visuals, high concepts, playful edits, and clever homages were the name of the game in 2022 as music videos made a comeback in a big way. Which one caught your eye?

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Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia St Camperdown, Westconnex. Filmed, edited and produced by Jack Rudder, the shots are dry and matter of fact, a casual association with a city that has launched a global hardcore phenomenon. But what makes SPEED so resonant with their fans is their bold disregard for fitting in. Every line is delivered to the camera, and you’re welcome to stand with them: “Read the world through my eyes / we’re nothing like u.”

Photo courtesy of artist

Gemma Navarrete – Same Shit!

When Gemma Navarrete asks us to step into the Italian fantasy – we do it, subito. Gemma’s rich, velvety vocals soundtrack scenes of domestic ennui. There’s longing looks at dishes unwashed in the sink, putting on a winged eye adorned with a headscarf to pick up some pasta trafilata al bronzo from the local shops. But ennui can be bliss too, dancing with Nonna on the porch, reading the paper in a red dress. All of it is bathed in a soft light where reality melds into dream melds into Italian soap opera. Applause for Reg Azwar whose direction and editing take us on a gorgeous meander through the dolce vita of Gemma Navarrete.

Photo courtesy of artist

Cult Shφtta & Tanboymiguel – Trappin N Scammin

There’s not much that can go wrong when you choose to interpolate legendary 90s Eurodance hit ‘Better Off Alone’ by Alice Deejay. Actually, it was only up from there when Cult Shφtta & Tanboymiguel released the video for ‘Trappin N Scammin’. The visuals are Enter The Void meets Spring Breakers meets Minecraft mod, and in between it’s skating in fresh Bape in Hyde Park and getting cleared off by security on the steps of Sydney’s St. Mary’s Cathedral. It’s joyous, chaotic and visually delicious, all delivered wearing True Religion jeans.

Photo courtesy of artist

BARKAA – Blak Matriarchy

**Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers should use caution viewing this video as it contains images or voices of deceased persons.**

You can feel the weight of the gaze the Blak women cast in this video. BARKAA is the Malyangapa, Barkindji woman whose song unites voice and imagery in what is a powerful display of matriarchal strength and defiance. BARKAA speaks to the generations who’ve come before, the ones to come, and the ones living today who hold a fire to resilience despite trauma, empowerment despite oppression – to Blak Matriarchy. Set to a striking image of a burning waratah, brown earth beneath feet, and bathed in dark red light, this video captures an artist whose words are for many. 

Photo courtesy of artist

1300 – Oldboy

1300 can do a reference. In fact, every detail of the ‘Oldboy’ video – from the dumplings, to the wallpaper, to the fight sequence – does more than pay homage to its 2003 film namesake, it infuses the iconic imagery of South Korean director Park Chan-Wook with energy anew. Props to director Raghav Rampal, cinematographer Tom Black, VIDEOHEAD, stylist Ellie Hioe and the whole damn team. Every cut is at once exhilarating and hilarious. Park Chan-Wook, if your next feature requires the part of a dangerously charismatic rap group then come claim your boys.

Photo courtesy of artist

Tasman Keith – LOVE TOO SOON

It’s clear that ‘LOVE TOO SOON’ marked a shift in the trajectory of Tasman Keith’s career. Yet despite the gravity of the music, the video is simple and effortless. Enveloped in the cool glow of twilight, sea breeze flapping through open shirts, Tasman dipping and swirling around his romantic pursuit – this is an artist who is comfortable with being vulnerable and being in love. Shot in widescreen, colourways set to vivid, its cinematic quality can be attributed to the work of director Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. Hëna Memishi as Tasman’s partner breathes electricity into the dalliance. As the two dance in unison, and walk hand in hand into the horizon, there’s a feeling that this pier will last forever.  

Photo courtesy of artist