We are proud as punch to present the finalists for the 2017 FBi Sydney Music Arts & Culture Awards. With 9 categories open for voting, we want to know who you think has been trailblazing their way through 2017.

Vote now for your chance to win tickets to the 2017 SMACs. The invite only event features performances by a handful of 2017’s most groundbreaking artists, to be announced very soon.



Great art has the power to confront and amaze us, pulling our culture in new and exciting directions. From science and technology to the body and identity, these five artists subvert preconceived assumptions and offer new perspectives. Which one pushed your imagination the furthest?


2017 has given us a lot to reflect on. Curating an arts program that sheds new light on complex contemporary issues is not easy, but each of these nominees has created something unique, challenging and utterly immersive. Which of these programs surprised and delighted you? Who took you out of your comfort zone and made a resounding impact on how you see the world?


If you had one more meal before you departed this earth, and this meal just happened to be from just one tantalising Sydney food master, who would you choose? Would you go with an innovator, a risk taker, a traditionalist, or maybe all three rolled into one? Let us know your top pick for the best nibbles in our neighbourhood!


It’s one thing to make great music. It’s another to turn it into a live show you’ll remember for the rest of your life. These five artists got on stage and shattered boundaries, captivating crowds and melting hearts. Which one got you totally lost in the moment?


Pulling off a great festival or series of parties takes serious chops. In 2017, these five crews have pushed the envelope, throwing inventive, inclusive and exceptionally curated live music and art events. They’ve built communities and kept Sydney a great place to go out. Tell us which one takes the cake!


Which piece of theatre this year left you on the edge of an existential crisis? Made you laugh till you cried? Had you painfully reexamine our cultural history? The breadth of Sydney performance in 2017 was incredible—picking only five standouts was a huge challenge. Which one of these did you walk away from awestruck or in delight?


Which song from the past year had you crack a smile every time it came around on the radio? Which track do you have playing in your head when you think back over 2017? We’ve picked five of Sydney’s best songs to choose from. It’s time for you to pick the big number one.


Be our crystal ball: we’re taking bets on Sydney’s next big thing. Which of these artists has shot to the top of your favourites list? Who have you been bugging your mates to hurry up and check out? We want to know who you think is on the cusp of hitting the big time.


A great record is something to be treasured. Putting together a cohesive collection of songs is a daunting task for any artist, and these Sydney artists have really raised the bar. Each of these albums gripped us from start to finish, start to finish, start to finish, on repeat. Now the task of crowning 2017’s finest falls to you!


The big kahuna. The MVP. Each year we choose one name who we think deserves recognition for their unparalleled contribution to the diverse tapestry of Sydney—the 2017 golden handshake of the FBi SMACs. This award is not open for voting. The winner will be announced on January 30, 2018.