Well here they are – your finalists for the FBi Sydney Music Arts & Culture Awards! Majestic aren’t they? With 9 categories open for voting, we want to know who of the nominees you think changed the game this past year.Click on a category to see the nominees!

Voting has now CLOSED. Winners will be announced Tuesday 11th February.




Art at its best challenges the accepted shape of things. It transforms materials, spaces and bodies in order, ultimately, to transform consciousness. While this year’s nominees run the gamut of artistic practice, their work is marbled through with themes of cultural equilibrium and reforming and reframing what we think of as the Australian experience.



Curating projects in a way that preserves individual artistic vision but also adds power to its message by rendering it part of a whole, takes creativity and a deft touch. Each of these nominees’ curatorial efforts have challenged, immersed and delighted us this past year, yielding programs that became greater than the sum of their parts.



What makes a great meal in your opinion? Is it a confronting mouthfeel? Provocative plating? All you can eat bacon bits? In 2019, whether you were in the market for some left-field innovation or trad transcendence, these six taste-makers had you well and truly covered. Which nominee left the best taste in your mouth?



Advances in technology are making it easier and easier to get music recorded and out there in the world, but being able to translate it into a live show with the power to move people remains rooted in commitment to craft and authenticity. No faking it. These six nominees understand and embody this. Which one moved you most in 2019?   

Best Live Act is presented by Young Henrys



Putting on a festival or a run of parties in the current climate is a huge, terrifying undertaking (we know, good lawd!), and to make it a success takes back-breaking toil, unshakeable passion for culture and community and a bit of cosmic intervention. These six crews had it all, getting Sydney out and moving in 2019, fighting against the Netflix tide and winning.

Best Music Event is presented by Fireball Cinnamon Whisky



These five productions span the spectrum of theatrical performance. Your 2019 Best On Stage nominees have had to get good at finding their way off stage through a thicket of thrown roses and deafening ovations. It was hell narrowing it down to only five, now it’s over to you.



Getting in on the ground floor has always been our jam. These six Sydney up ’n’ comers are right on the cusp and we’re crowd-sourcing our crystal ball work, asking you to help us predict who’ll be hitting the big time next. Let us know which of these “only a matter of time” type of acts is the “only a matter of time”-est of them all.

Next Big Thing is presented by Red Bull



When they came over the airwaves, which of these six bona fide bangers had you feverishly disrobe, jump out of your moving Uber and roll onto the nature strip yelling “TUUUUUNE”? All of them? Well you can only vote for one so maybe just choose the song that made you roll the furthest yeah?

Song of the Year is presented by APRA AMCOS



Despite the digital age’s persistent threats to its primacy, the album is still the pre-eminent format – allowing artists the freedom to indulge their creativity in greater depth, and to make more complex and substantial statements. In 2019 these Sydney acts delivered cohesive collections that kept us locked in from start to finish. Which was your album of the year?



It’s the big one. Each year we single out one person whose contribution to our city’s cultural life demands recognition. Past winners include Music NSW’s Emily Collins, warrior for Sydney’s cultural economy; Sally Rugg, one of Marriage Equality’s strongest voices; and Artistic Director par excellence Lisa Havilah. This award is not open for voting. The winner will be announced on 11 February.