Next Big Thing

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Getting in on the ground floor has always been our jam. These six Sydney up ’n’ comers are right on the cusp and we’re crowd-sourcing our crystal ball work, asking you to help us predict who’ll be hitting the big time next. Let us know which of these “only a matter of time” type of acts is the “only a matter of time”-est of them all.


Kobie Dee

Sydney-based Kobie Dee has moved from strength to strength since his debut in 2019. From supporting UK rapper Dave on his Australian tour, to raking in the streams across multiple platforms, Kobie Dee has asserted himself as one of Australian hip-hop’s brightest stars. Drawing on his ancestral roots, the Gamilaroi artist is a natural born storyteller. With lyrics that share his life experiences and the pain of his people, Kobie Dee’s tracks are always raw, honest and passionate portrayals of his community.

Photo courtesy of the artist

Maina Doe

An amalgamation of Somali, Indonesian and Australian culture, Maina Doe weaves gold out of R&B and Neo-Soul sounds. Pulling influence from old-time jams, the new internet age, 21st century melancholy and the vibes of nights dancing on tropical islands, Maina Doe brings a fresh perspective to the new era of R&B. With thought-provoking lyrics and genre-melding sounds, Maina Doe hooks us in and pushes boundaries, getting us to slow down and listen in a world that’s increasingly gaining pace.

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For Sydney-born Berlin-based producer Logic1000 (aka Samantha Poulter) 2019 was a dream breakthrough year. After touring the UK, Europe and Australia, electronic heavy-weight Four Tet named her first single ‘DJ Logic Please Forgive Me’ “the biggest track of 2019”. With a heaving house groove sound packed with driving deep bass rhythms and energetic vocals, Logic1000 is paving the way for a new generation of house music and there are no signs of her stopping yet.

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Elmo Aoyama

In 2020, Tokyo-born artist Elmo Aoyama has shown us why she holds the crown of Sydney’s synth-maestro without question. The release of her EP ‘Spells’ had us all mellowing out to her dreamy synth ballads and industrial-pop anthems as a year of chaos wreaked havoc outside our doors. A vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Elmo Aoyama has talent by the bucketload and is quickly making waves in the Australian music scene.

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Blending the world of punk and hip-hop, Ghanaian-Australian guitar-wielding rapper, singer and producer BLESSED is breaking ground and genres with his superfly sounds. The Sydney-based multi-talented artist has been shaking up the music scene since his debut in 2016. Bringing influences from Jimi Hendrix, Yeezy and Pharrell into his sounds, Blessed is establishing one of the most authentic and original artistic styles in Australian music.

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A proud Malyangapa, Barkindji woman from Western New South Wales, Barkaa is a force majeure on the Australian hip-hop scene. Living now on Gandangara land in Sydney’s South West, Barkaa raps with an unparalleled conviction. Her track ‘Our Lives Matter’ and her feature on DOBBY’s ‘I Can’t Breathe’ became unofficial anthems of this year’s Bla(c)k Lives Matter protests around the country. With the power of her ancestors and her matriarchal upbringing driving her, Barkaa is a force to be reckoned with.

Photo courtesy of the artist