Independent Artist of the Week: Swindail

June 20th 2016


Warning! What this nineteen year old is up to may induce an existential crisis and/or extreme feelings of inadequacy.

The young gun behind the astounding track, “Two Stomp”, is Sid Swindail; an avid lover of lemon cheesecake, jazz piano, and communal chants fresh from the voice boxes of sweaty ravers. Using these elements as his inspiration, Swindail smacks out a sound that is creamy, a little wonky, yet still orchestrated. Constantly bordering between the obscene and the traditional, Swindail tows each line perfectly, creating an experience that is highly unique, yet still universal enough to get bodies moving.

The word ‘banger’ has been thrown around unceremoniously in the year 2016, but Sydney based producer Swindail takes hold of this overused phrase and actually gives it meaning. Tracks that once held this gold-clad title now retreat to the back of the metaphorical music cupboard to collect dust, while rare gems move forward and create new expectations for aspiring producers to live up to.



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