Independent Artist of the Week: Mosé + The FMLY

May 30th 2016


Listening to Mosé + The FMLY is like diving into a colourful ball pit of fun.

The Melbourne natives have just put out the first taste of their debut EP Slow Drip, with their exciting and upbeat track, ‘Roads’. Featuring Neon Queen’s Oceans Lisati on vocal hook, ‘Roads’ explores textured samples, metallic overtones and a smooth flow that sits perfectly atop a driving bass and crisp drums.

Slow Drip is the birthright of long nights in the studio with a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of Bud, and good times with a tight-knit family. Luckily, we wont have to wait long – Slow Drip will be feeding your ears this coming Monday, the 6th of June. And we thank the music gods for such a blessing – we’re in dire need of some quality hip hop to warm us up this winter.

Even though ‘Roads’ already sounds fresh and pumping, the band says that this is only the bare minimum when it comes to their talents, highlighting that the track is “one hundred times better when we play live”. It’s of little surprise Mosé + The FMLY are building a legend around their tight live show. If you’re lucky enough to catch these guys, you’re in for a real treat. We promise.