Diary of Death

June 18th 2021

In light of mass event cancellations due to the COVID-19 crisis, Diary of Death is on a temporary hiatus. Scroll to keep reading some words from Jack Shit.

“For more than a decade our Diary of Death served to filter the hundreds, or even thousands, of events happening in Sydney – down to a personally recommended range of 40-60 of the best experiences per week.
Now there are none, bar streams that rely on devices (and data fees) that many people lack and cannot afford.
Free Broadcast Incorporated does what it says on the tin. FBi is a rich source of culture and creativity that remains equally as accessible to the poorest of our citizens as we are to our most privileged.
This is the beauty of radio – even a $2 store transistor will let you tune in to untold worlds.
Of course most of those will be commercial – at the service of corporate interests exclusively. Some will be government run – subject to the censorious regimes of politicians holding purse strings.
We are free of such sordid impediments. We transparently and selflessly serve our community and you, the listener.
This has never mattered more than during the unparalleled crisis now gripping our world.
We continue to provide information and entertainment that is crucially both live and local – bridging the isolation we currently endure with empathy, gratitude and grace.
This is despite the economic catastrophe unfolding decimating our revenue, whilst operating costs remain the same.
If you value truly independent media dedicated to emerging culture in Sydney and surrounds – and have the means to financially support the station, it is time to act decisively
We’ve always worked for you and Sydney, voluntarily. Please, if you have the means to return the favour do so now by visiting fbiradio.com/support to donate or subscribe.
Our lives will be remade on the other side of this. Let’s make sure we dedicate ourselves to the task of ensuring they better reflect our true selves and the civil society we’ve always longed for.
I know it’s a small step – at a difficult time – but this is one way we can begin to build a fairer and more affirming future for all.


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