Independent Artist of the Week: Benjamin Witt

May 23rd 2016


If you want to keep exploring new music, then do not listen to Benjamin Witt – once he first nestles in your ears, he’s there for the long haul. You’ve been warned.

His roots may be as the founder of Perth legends, The Chemist, but we’re pretty glad that Benjamin Witt has branched out, gifting us with an entrancing, completely and utterly unique musical experience. His command of fuzzy guitar rock, sloppy psych pop, and an onslaught of effects could easily place it in the realm of the fantastical 70s – tie dye shirts and all.

‘Dead Fish’ is his hi fi gem of a debut single. Crisp, well produced, and undeniably catchy, it’s one that will tickle your senses right away, leaving your finger on the repeat button. Witt’s solo material might have become one of Perth’s best kept secrets, but we’d be game to buy him a one way trip straight here to Sydney. If only we’d be so lucky.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. Could potentially trigger seizures if you have photosensitive epilepsy.

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