Independent Artist of the Week: La Vif

June 6th 2016

La Vif by Jonathan Key

Photo: Jonathan Key 

Get a cup of tea, curl up into the warmth of your bed, and pop on La Vif – an expert in creating tunes that defrost even the coldest of hearts.

La Vif is Courtney Luzmila, an outrageously talented twenty-three year old from Sydney’s Inner West that will make you question what you’ve done with your life thus far. Her background as a drummer and vocalist has led her to create ‘pulse pop’ – soft, ambient, tech-infused beats that transcend what pop music is meant to be.

There is a distinct vulnerability in her music; the combination of layered vocals, innovative use of guitars, and plenty of spacey reverb creates a sound that is strong and influential, yet simultaneously delicate. Her debut tune ‘All In White’ will have you wrapping yourself tighter in your blanket, cradling your fragile soul… only to throw that blanket off and break out in a disco groove. If that sounds contradictory, then you’d be one hundred per cent right – but it’s the kind of contradiction that La Vif thrives on.

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