Compilation: The Bridge – Class Of 2015

December 23rd 2015


The team behind The Bridge, our 100% Sydney music program, have put together a little Christmas present for you!

Amazed at the sheer amount of incredible music born in our own backyard this year, presenters Amelia Jenner, Dave Goldschmidt and Ryan Saar felt it was necessary to pull together their favourite local tracks of the year, as a way to showcase the music that blew their minds and spotlight the diverse range of talents on display in Sydney.

A huge thank you goes out to all the artists who allowed the use of their songs, all of whom no doubt have big things in store for them in 2016… Chunyin, Eugene Ward, FLOWERTRUCK, Kimchi Princi, Phantastic Ferniture, Low Lux – Rivers Roll, NOIRE, JV, Bliss Fool, Spirit Faces & Lisa Mitchell, Obscura Hail, OM Collective and YEEVS.

Cover art by Will Michaelides.


Tune in to The Bridge for more great Sydney music, 8-9pm Tuesday through Friday on FBi 94.5FM.



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