The Bridge Presents: Double Act

The Bridge Presents aims to be a quarterly compilation of emerging local talent curated by FBi’s Sydney music program and issued for free download via Bandcamp. Each edition is tied together by a theme or common thread, then named after one of our favourite inclusions.

To kick things off, The Bridge presents: Double Act, a genre-hopping roundup of recent free releases inspired by new approaches to copyright and named after the Day Ravies’ single of November 2012.

The Bridge plays 100% Sydney music every weeknight from 8 – 9pm.


Track-by-track with Tim Sharp from Thursday/ Friday Bridge:

1. The Knits – Breakin’ Ma Heart

Weighing in at just under two minutes Breakin’ Ma Heart will have you tapping your toes and then wondering what the hell just happened. Get a closer look and you might recognise members of The Knits from much-loved Sydney bands such as The Fabergettes and Palms. Would it be cheating on those other acts to say this was love at first listen?


2. Tim Fitz – Mr Streetwise

Tim Fitz has always struck me as a man of many tricks, so it shouldn’t have been too much of a stretch to ‘expect the unexpected’ when he dropped his latest EP somewhat out of the blue last month. Mr Streetwise however blew me away from the get-go as a pocket-sized, insanely catchy and well-written pop number. But maybe that was exactly what to have expected?


3. Moonbase Commander – Flare Gun

One of our finalists in this year’s Northern Lights competition, Moonbase Commander’s Flare Gun EP stood out for a whole bunch of reasons. For starters this thing is LOUD but more importantly it’s a release making no excuses for experimenting with a host of interesting directions, giving rise to an intriguing mix of established (electronica) and more relatively incoming (bass, trap and so on) dance music styles. Airhorns out…


4. Mammals ft. Flash Forest – Move Slower

Another Northern Lights finalist, Mammals’ first caught our attention for his soaring vocals and considered, folky melodies. On Move Slower however, the pulsing electronic touch of Melbourne producer Flash Forest opens up a whole new space for our young Sydneysider to work in. Despite having never met, these two put this track together entirely over the Internet. A perfect meeting of old and new?


5. Beef Jerk – Beef Jerk Story

Pick any line from this track and chances are you’ve lived it in some odd way, shape or form. Case in point: “Just Sam, Mike and I, in my Mum’s Hyundai.” Weirdly accurate, no? If you can’t resonate with something in here you’re taking it way too seriously. But maybe that’s just me.


6. Atom Bombs – Gorilla Grip

Good-old fashioned surf guitar ‘aint an easy thing to get right but Atom Bombs seem to well and truly nail it. Naming your song Gorilla Grip just seals the deal really.


7. Day Ravies – Double Act

From Day Ravies’ forthcoming debut album, out 2013 on Popfrenzy Records.

There came a stage in the planning process where we started brainstorming titles for this compilation. Given that we hope for it to become a series, at some point it just made sense to name each edition after one of the featured tracks. Double Act not only fits perfectly into the genre-hopping nature of this first release, but also just happens to be one of our favourite local tracks of the last couple months.


8. Meare – Altruism

For an artist to have seemingly popped up out of nowhere this year with his debut EP, Meare’s bass-heavy productions show some serious polish. No surprises then that he recently won the opening set at the expertly-curated OutsideIn Festival.


9. P. Smurf – Ready

With so many MC’s, crews and releases hitting our stereos we’ve felt spoiled for choice when it comes to Sydney Hip-Hop this year. P Smurf (also from Daily Meds) got the nod for this cut from his Smurf Village release. Produced by P Major (the man behind Ellesquire’s album) Ready was a standout on one of the stronger mixtapes we’ve heard lately.


10. Fawn Myers – You Know Me So Well

You Know Me So Well picks up where Fawn Myers left off as a guest vocalist on Oliver Tank’s Dreams EP. While Oliver produced this track I’m not exactly sure who’s responsible for the killer (and very unexpected) saxophone line/sample. Regardless, the whole thing goes down an absolute treat.

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